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  1. I know Chris Algar has sold a lot of concertinas to musicians on this forum. I bought one from him myself a few years ago. He said at the time that he would accept it back in the future for the agreed price, obviously assuming it's in the same condition. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has purchased a concertina from chris and years later has upgraded to another concertina from him. Did you get the original value of your concertina put towards the upgrade or was it slightly less? Or did you sell it back to him for the original price and get your money back? I'm thinking of upgrading, hence all the questions. I would really appreciate any replies or advice. Thanks.
  2. I have reduced the price to around 2400 euro. If anyone is interested in buying or wants to ask any questions about the concertina or the price feel free to contact me at "oftennis@gmail.com" thanks.
  3. Hi. Geoffrey (Crabb), I'm sorry I have to contact you through concertina.net but I tried emailing you about my crabb to give you more information but there was a problem with the sending of the email. It would be great if you could give me your email to clarify I've got the right one. My email is oftennis@gmail.com. Thanks.
  4. left a short comment on your question. the fellow that answered your question first is right, its not 'rocket science' but if you are not a person with some background in hand work and repair, you risk the possibility of damaging a valuable instrument. if you'd like to adjust it, my email is stlrdr@hotmail.com if you are in the usa, i can repair/adjust for minimal fee. postage is ...

  5. Hi. I am selling my clareman concertina. It is a 30key + air button c/g anglo with jeffries layout. It has metal buttons and 6 black leather bellows. Its agent is J.Shiels. It is in excellent condition. It was originally bought for 2900 euro but I am open to any offers. I am currently located in Ireland so if someone is interested they can try it out. Anyone interested can email me, oftennis@gmail.com Thanks. I've attached some pictures for anyone interested.
  6. Hi. I have just bought a Crabb anglo and have a few issues with it. The high f natural/g button is getting stuck every time on the pull. When I press in my low d on the f/d button it makes a funny noise on the pull. My low c and low e buttons on the push take a while to respond. Some air can be heard before the sound is heard. On my b button the sound is breaking a bit. It sounds like a lot of problems but I'm sure they're only minor. I would open it myself only I don't have a clue about fixing concertinas. Do I need to get it repaired or is it something I could fix with some guidance? Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  7. I bought a Crabb anglo 38key. I am interested in when it was made. It is stamped with J.Crabb and son makers London. It looks like a Jeffries. I've opened some of it up but couldn't see anything. There is no serial number. Is there a specific place inside where more information could be found, e.g. inside bellows? Any help would be great.
  8. Hi, I currently have a "clareman" concertina purchased at 2800 euro. I want to get a jeffries and in order to do that I need to sell my own. If anyone has any ideas about what price i should sell it for or if these types are even popular, please leave a comment and let me know. Thank you!!!
  9. What are your views on Crabb concertinas?
  10. Thank you. It helps a lot. I play Irish traditional music. I know that the 30 key is the best but the 38 key tends to be cheaper.
  11. Yes c/g. I have met Chris Algar before but he didn't have any 38 key jeffries with him so I'm not sure about the price. What does anyone know about the 46 key? I have tried one but thought it was too heavy.
  12. I am thinking of buying a 38 key jeffries but don't know what the price range is. Can anyone help?
  13. Hi! I am considering upgrading my concertina soon and would benefit from your opinions. My mind is tied between a crabb or a 38 key jeffries. If anyone has an negatives or positives or any other ideas, it would be great if they could specify them. Also it would be great if anyone could tell me the price range of these makes of concertina. Thanks.
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