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Tedrow Hayden Duet

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Looks very pretty.


I count 25 keys. From the layout I guess it is a fully chromatic two octaves from Bb to Bb, with Abs rather than G#s, and no duplicate keys. I presume we are looking at just the left hand end here.


In contrast the draft at Jax RCFB Hayden Page (25-reed version) shows a top B with the top Bb omitted, has G#s rather than Abs, and three linked duplicate keys.


It looks like simplicity and compactness won out.

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Klesmer music seems to hover around the scale D, Eb, F#, G, A, Bb, C, D. With accompanying chords Gm Cm & D7. i.e. the D mode of G Harmonic minor. On a small concertina like this one, I would reccomend an instrument pitched one whole tone lower for this particular scale. Or a somewhat larger instrument with 59 or 65 buttons which has many of the sharps repeated as flats.


Inventor. :rolleyes:

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