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Just A Few Demographics Please :)


Are you single, married, and with or without children?  

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How to define practice time?

I say I never practice but I spend at least two hours a week playing for morris men to practice to. Then there are the times when I play to myself just for the fun. Is that practice? What about playing in sessions where you are picking up new tunes?

I think a poll would be more useful once we can work out all the different catagories of playing time that there are.

Then we can start on research time....



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Hey Robin, wich Morris side do you play for?

I guess practice time is really not a good definition, it's what I currently call what I do because it doesn't seem quite up to calling it "playing" yet B) . . . . how about "how many hours a week are you squeezing a concertina so that it makes noise?"

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when saying Music making people, I thopught in most of us, who we are doing for hobby.



You would not have started the poll if youwere not serious abut it ?


Reading the jokes, it has not been quite clear for me.


Your study would szatisfy also my curiosity.


Have you collected already any replies to your concrete questions ?


Do you wiush me to send my replies as a personal message ?




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