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    Anglo Squeezing, Morris Dancing, cycling, snowshoeing, being a mom to 2 little girls
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  1. She arrived home last night at 5:21 p.m. EST. And now my hands are sore ! Hahaha!
  2. And weirder still . . . he used to com in to the N.H. Statle Libraray where I worked and lived a few blocks from me in Concord, N.H.
  3. And they all lived happily ever after! Especially Me! Bill did a fine job of babysitting my concertina for 3 years and it will be back in my hands very soon!
  4. How awesome!! I have sent you a message, Bill. I am Rusty Bits : ) Changed from Lisa W when I got married and Became Lisa N. Since I will be 50 soon I feel Rusty Bits a VERY appropriate name. I'm all creaks and groans!
  5. About 3 years ago I sold my concertina BIG MISTAKE! I had a Norman G/D. #504 to be exact. Had purchased it second hand here. Now I have time, my Morris side needs a musician and my hands are lonely! So, I am looking for a G/D concertina. One with accordion reeds, in the not-astronomical price range. Jeffries layout would be a plus. Any leads will win you points in Concertina Heaven!
  6. Sadly I have hardly played this since I purchased it in 2008. It was built in 2005. #504 by Andrew Norman. 7 fold leather bellows with metal Jeffries ends. Here is a link to the posting where I purchased it. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7206&st=0&p=67995&hl=+norman%20+anglo&fromsearch=1entry67995 The photos are better than mine which are posted below. It hasn't changed at all. The instrument doesn't have a scratch on it. New hard shell case from the Button Box included. $1800 O.B.O.
  7. A much more deserving case! A Picture is worth a thousand words!
  8. Where is Misha when we need him?!? I'm thinking there should DEFINITELY be some debate on this rare treasure's possible top end price!
  9. Lisa will be expected to pay for her advertisement if it is successful. Funny you should mention it. . . . I was wondering what the total bill would be if all the hours spent typing and cogitating replies was calculated and billed at $20.00 per hour. Perhaps we should all go into business together to do debates for folks on their sales websites! Misha especially, or it would never fly
  10. Hi Paul, I'll probably wait a while and then re-post with pictures. Who knows, maybe the Universe just wants me to keep this Rochelle for some reason! Perhaps some young local will get interested and I'll have another Anglo player within 100 miles of me. Thanks for you efforts to redirect this back to a buy and sell forum : ) Lisa
  11. Exactly! Woody. I had the opportunity to purchase a D/G Norman, which is the preferred key for Morris music. The Norman I had tried a few years back was soooooo nice! It was listed at a good price and the seller allowed me to pay over time, for which I will be eternally greatful. I think Homewood and Button Box and Wim all have outstanding instruments and the trade in option is great. But I HAD to HAVE that Norman!
  12. $60 saving on a $300 instrument is not such a great deal, to my opinion. Where I live $60 is the better part of a days wages and a Rochelle costs a weeks pay. Your posts sound as though you think I'm trying to dupe someone.
  13. I felt like $275 was a fair price for a barely used instrument. I paid $330 plus (I believe it was $25.00) shipping. There is always dickering too. . . Maybe I'd include shipping. . . And yes, I'd do a payment arrangement with someone. I played this Rochelle while I was doing a payment plan for my Norman. Thought I'd start here first. E-bay next week. Lisa
  14. I bought a Rochelle and played it for about a month while I was waiting for my Norman to arrive. It's a very serviceable little instrument and great to learn on. It is in like-new condition. $275.00 plus shipping. I can send photos if you'd like. Lisa
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