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Just A Few Demographics Please :)


Are you single, married, and with or without children?  

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A recent thread (How do you people do it?) has made me a little curious as to just how many of us are single, married, with or without kids, as this certainly impacts the amount of time and disposable income we have to spend on music and concertinas.


So here are a few voluntary questions that will hopefully throw a little light on the subject. :D


For the point of this exercises, I have grouped together couples living together, married or otherwise. I am not interested in members personal living arrangments, but rather the impact that families have upon our music. No offense is intended in any way on my part.


Please note this is my very first attempt at a poll, so bear with me :P


With thanks


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Mark wrote: do dogs count as family members?


In real life dogs and cats count very much, but for the statistical purposes of this poll, I am defining family members as those of the biologically human spieces :)


Jeff wrote: no mutiple spousal/partner category. must be open minded here : )


This would be covered by "Couples with other family members...." just how many husbands does your wife have, Jeff? :P



Morgana :D

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I could imagine to have started the same poll.

But do you really think that there will be serious answers ?

And why ? Practical use ?

It is relatively easy to imagine that the mix under the Concertina Players will be similar to the general population statistics in ech Country, with a sklight differtence due to the fact, that one can suppose (well I suppose) that in average Music making people may have a higher degree of education and knowledge, probably also an higher income with all the connotations correspondant to this facts.

I guess you would find more singles among us than in the general population, my impression older than average, higher income than average, many Computer people, etc. etc., by the way I also have the impression that we have more dogs than average (remembering all the polls read in the past)


Kind regards

Joachim Delp

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...one can suppose ... that in average Music making people may have ... an higher income....

Old joke (the "politically incorrect" original version):


...Q: What do you call a professional musician without a girlfriend?


.....A: Homeless.



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Joachim wrote: But do you really think that there will be serious answers? And why? Practical use ?


Yes, I did think there would be serious answers - otherwise I wouldn't have posted the poll. I have already stated my reasons (above) for posting it. Rather than generalise, assume or imagine, I would rather investigate where possible.


Jim: Great joke. This could lead us down a very different path. :D I have heard many musical jokes over the years, but none concertina specific. Perhaps we should start a new thread? :P



Morgana :)

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I have heard many musical jokes over the years, but none concertina specific.

Well, it's hard to think up a concertina joke that couldn't also be applied to accordions, at least in the perception of the general -- or even general musical -- public. Even in-jokes are likely to be rare: Just how much mileage can you get out of "Mac cann, but I can't" or "whooping Cranes"? And speculating whether those who prefer "the Lash-an'-all" thereby favor corporal punishment or S&M is likely to quickly deteriorate into serious debate.


It's hard to make jokes about concertinas;

Folks say "accordion", when really they mean us.

Our corpus of humor is really quite terse;

But for possible greatness, try working in verse. :)


Ah, but I did just think of a concertina-specific "practical joke": Try replacing the thumbstraps on an English concertina with those little woven tubes that I know by the name of "Chinese handcuffs". :o


Then again, maybe I should patent the idea. (Should I put this into the Construction subForum?) Forget wrist straps, neck straps, and other artificial supports; you'd never again have to worry about dropping your instrument! ...... Not even for meals. Maybe I could market it as "the Wheatstone diet".? ;)

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With 24 responses so far, it's 2-to-1 for folks with no children.


Does that mean that people with children are less likely to play concertina, or just that they don't have time for both concertina and Forum polls? Or maybe it's just that there are twice as many people altogether who don't have children as those who do. :)

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:blink: I'm still pondering this one, a bit...have been, lately, anyway, before I found this poll!


What I mean is that, my best choice appears to be 'Couple, with over 18 children living at home,' but, definitions can seem a bit blurry, for 18-year-olds, around here, in my opinion.


My daughter is living on her college campus, but, we're still quite connected and she still kind of lives here at home (which is fine with me...I am not one to push my little birdie out of the nest, though, we all do love having our own 'space').


There's no option to choose 'Couple, with over 18 children no longer living at home,' so -- Whew! Saves me trying to figure it out, I guess...I think I'll choose the other one!

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Excellent idea. Start your own poll on practice times. (Their easy and fun to do.)




Fun idea. I thought at first that you were really asking about people with 18 or more children. I need more sleep.


I think polls are fun. Thanks Morgana for putting this one together.




You are a hoot.



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Morgana I NEED a section for the dogs :lol:


They take up more time than any children and I vote they should be included :rolleyes:


I find my time playing depends on what is happening with the dogs, a bit like children needing attention, feeding, taking to school, social functions, etc. We do all these things too :blink:


Phew.........who has time for playing?



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