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Looking for a Sousa march and Joplin rag in the Harmonic style with Gary Coover tablature

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I've been playing C/G Anglo concertina in the traditional Irish style for about 20 years now.
Every so often, I get to meet an Anglo player who plays in the harmonic style and it just kind of blows my mind.

Just for a change of pace and the challenge of trying something completely different, I'd love learn a tune or two in that style, something like a Sousa march or a Joplin rag. I don't mind starting off with something challenging. I'm retired. I have time. 🙂

Does anyone have a PDF for an example or two of a tune in harmonic style with Gary Coover style tab for either of those styles of music they can share?
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Wow, you're going for the maximum-difficulty stuff right away!


In addition to Alan's book, Summer Symphony by Alan Lochhead, formerly Mel Bay's All-American Concertina Album, has these marches in full harmonic style:


The Radetzky March

The Entertainer

Maple Leaf Rag

The Washington Post

Under the Double Eagle

The Stars and Stripes Forever

The Liberty Bell


I've attached a sample of Sousa's "Liberty Bell" march, made famous by a certain Flying Circus.




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You might like this rendition of Scott Joplin’s “Weeping Willow” played by Goisagi.


I believe he does not produce Gary Coover style tab but reads directly from piano music with trial and error.


Just to let you know that this is also playable. Goisagi uses Jeffries layout instruments, FYI.



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