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Damaged Finger


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That is terrible, Bob... maybe it provides comfort and encouragement to know that Rainer Süssmilch, an exceptional jazz EC player, lost part of his rh middle finger but still plays a killer concertina.

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Oh jeez, nerve pain is nothing to mess around with. Please rest as much as you can and see a neurologist ASAP if you haven't already. (If they tell you it's hopeless, get a second opinion.) There's great stuff they can do, and odds are good that you'll be able to play again without pain, but pushing through pain instead of treating it will make it worse.


(this advice comes from my partner, who has had lots of experience with nerve pain and did eventually get their life back, but they definitely wish they'd rested and seen a professional much sooner)

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I  sympathize  with  you  Bob  and  hope  you  can  get  some  professional  help  with  this  problem.

  Two  years  after  an  operation  to  relieve  Carpal Tunnel  Syndrome  I  still have  numb  middle and  third  fingers  on my  left  hand .   Although  things  have  improved  I  doubt  the  sense  of  touch  will  ever  recover  fully.  At  least  I  can  work  fairly  well  again  but  will have  to  put  up  with  the  odd  mistake  on  the  concertina......  nothing  new  there  then !

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