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Is this a big?

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This is an interesting browser anomaly.  


I mostly use Safari.   From any of the forum pages: it used to be that clicking on the date of the last reply brought me to....the last entry.  Now, it always brings me to the first entry in the thread. So if it's a thread with a lot of messages - think "current makes of concertinas" - I have to scroll down each page and hit the highest page number, and when I get to the last one, scroll down to the last message.


I switched to Chrome; same problem


But with Firefox, it worked properly; clicking on the last entry from the forum page brought me to the last entry of the target thread.


Just FYI, it's no big deal.

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I tried it on this Android tablet. That date contains a different link address on Firefox and Chrome:





That looks like a bug in the forum software, which generates the thread list page.

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Actually, it's working fine for me on Safari when I'm signed in. When I tried it on Chrome, NOT signed in, it brought me to the first comment. But then I signed in and tried again and it worked as expected, bringing me to the last comment.




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