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  1. Here in Firefox on Android, if I play a tune in your player and switch tab if keeps playing. If I switch to a tune in thesession.org and play that it plays both at once. Same if I switch app - Firefox keeps playing. But it might be memory dependant. I think inactive tabs can be suspended, and inactive apps certainly can be. But I don't know how 'inactive' is defined.
  2. Michael and I discussed instrument numbers above 128 by PM a while back. I thought a 'proper' solution would be to use the bank number defined in GM level 2. The problem is that abcjs doesn't support it (see my last post). As Michael said at the time: "anything over 128 is mine"!
  3. I recently raised a feature request on abcjs for that: https://github.com/paulrosen/abcjs/issues/945 Paul would welcome a PR...
  4. There have been plenty of posts about their single Hayden model, but I don't recall comments about their other models - but I may not have noticed. For example my post in this thread. * But like me, buyers of these instruments will mostly be beginners with nothing to compare them with. I replaced mine because it was too heavy, not because of perceived poor quality. And are rebadged ones of the same quality? * The OP in that thread runs Red Cow Music in the UK. I think he is claiming that Concertine Italia's quality control is better than it was.
  5. Seems to be by-design: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/464010-go-to-most-recent-post/
  6. I would have been signed in to Firefox and not to Chrome. I confirm: Firefox - not signed in - does not go to last post. [shrug]
  7. There were actually two works commissioned for St Hellier: 1996 Les Jongleurs - commissioned bythe Jersey Public Sculpture Trust for Snow Hill Junction, St Helier. 1999 The Buskers - commissioned by Peter Blampied and Geoffrey Grime for Abacus, St Helier, Jersey. (From archive of carolevincent.org) https://artuk.org/discover/artworks/les-jongleurs-274644/search/actor:vincent-carole-19392019/page/1/view_as/grid (11 photos)
  8. I tried it on this Android tablet. That date contains a different link address on Firefox and Chrome: Firefox: www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/27097-wakker-anglo-concertina/&do=getLastComment Chrome: www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/27097-wakker-anglo-concertina/ That looks like a bug in the forum software, which generates the thread list page.
  9. I thought it might be. Troubadours, trouvères et jongleurs Perhaps the word is still current in the Îles Normandes.
  10. There is a list of her works in the 'ePaper' readable here: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/6459440/boscastle-sculptor-carole-vincent-wins-major-award It includes 'les Jongleurs' for the Jersey Public Sculpture trust, St. Hellier. Les Jongleurs, which is in the that URL, means The Jugglers - which it's clearly not! Strange.
  11. It's called "The Buskers" 1993 by Carole Vincent. It was commissioned by Safeways for Cage Yard Reigate. She won the British Precast "Creativity in Concrete" award in 2002 for her public artworks. She died in 2019. The conical shape is interesting. Perhaps it has practical advantages too: it looks like small children can sit and be photographed on it. It forces the banjo player into an unusual position: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/5749136 I can't find a decent set of photos of the whole thing.
  12. I googled 'goya' and 'concertina' and found this: Is it true that "concertina players appear in several other paintings by this artist"? He was court painter to the King of Spain, but he also he did a lot of paintings that he hid from the spanish court.
  13. I think you're looking for the facility to specify a personal keymap, rather like the ones that computers have to map a physical keyboard key press/release codes to the symbol (or function) that it means.
  14. I don't know. Is a single-ended repeat bracket (or whatever it's called) valid? If not it's arguably not a bug. But it would preferably assume a ┐at an 'appropriate' point. Anyway, if you're using it to convert to ABC it's easy to fix the ABC. If, like me, you're mainly using it to play the music then you could convert the fixed ABC back to a pdf and rescan it - which I have done a couple of times. In this case I used GIMP to paste a ┐ onto the pdf to check whether that alone would correct it and there was nothing else wrong with the pdf.
  15. It doesn't like the unterminated section ┌─────── at the end of line 2. Either complete the bracket - see attachment - or put a double bar line on the end. I've met this feature before! Glorishears_2.pdf
  16. Sheet Music Scanner (Android) is capable of recognising alternate endings. It will (sometimes) play them, anyway, which is my main use rather than generating ABC. I've been learning this - the pdf plays correctly here: http://www.rudemex.co.uk/library/RM_arrangements/A Bruxa (Bm) (a).pdf which is from here http://www.rudemex.co.uk/library/RM_arrangements/01tunelib_RMarr.php The ABC is here http://www.rudemex.co.uk/library/ABC/01tunelib_abc.php (I don't know if they're identical.)
  17. I use Sheet Music Scanner on Android (a few ££), which was mentioned by Don. It works on a downloaded PDF, image file, screenshot from a website, or a photo taken by the camera. That will play the music - either all voices or a single voice, which is important for me as as I play a duet. Then, if that sounds interesting I pass musicXML to EasyABC - via USB usually - to transpose for 42 buttons, muck about with, and print the score. Davis Zemsky, author of Music Scanner, has been responsive to my suggestions for changes.
  18. I presume this is a Stagi 46 + air button.
  19. In the other thread you said "I had mail correspondense with the factory. They say its a Chinese fake. " What did you actually ask them? Their English is poor. I think you're reading too much into their reply. If you doubt Stephen, you could tell them - politely - that expert opinion is that it's a Bastari. Ask in Italian (Google translate) and invite a response in Italian. Edited to add: I doubt if the ladies at Concertine Italia know much about Bastaris. But they probably know people who do. Get them interested in this instrument so they think it's worth helping you. Take care over your enquiry. You might learn something interesting and it may help you sell it.
  20. I know. I wondered whether my criticism had been made by other users of Invision, and found they had. e.g. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/471486-popup-for-inaccessible-attachments/ I don't know whether the message can be changed by c.net. And I don't know what "the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location" in the error message means!
  21. Understandable. If I'm not logged in, the pdf attachment to Gary's post says: Kashiwa-Theme.pdf Unavailable Nothing to say it's only available to members. If, despite that, I click it, I get this message: Oops! This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Very poor user interface. Especially as many people contemplating taking up the concertina will read the forum to find out what kind of instrument to buy. I know I did - for several months. The messages should encourage people to join.
  22. He's all over BBC Radio 3 in the UK at the moment: Record Review Composer of the Week
  23. Tomorrow - 4th July - being the 400th anniversary of Byrd's death.
  24. You can't see the attachment unless you're signed in. The message you get could be a lot clearer. And although it looks like an ordinary link to a pdf, it isn't.
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