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Playing With Bellows Centered Over Knee...

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And VW's became the family standard, once the parents discovered them.

And what's wrong with that????????????

My, you're touchy. That was a simple statement of fact, not a complaint. I loved those cars. :)


CARS!!! CARS!!!! they're not cars sir ...... they're a LIFE CHOICE!!


................. oh Christ, we are off topic aren't we ...........

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QUOTE(Wrigglefingers @ Jun 15 2005, 12:40 AM)

I'm going to stop now - I feel a rant coming on!



Can you play a rant and dance it at the same time, like Alistair A.?


Hmm. I guess it would be difficult to do that and still hold the bellows across the knee.


Further hmm. Then again, it might be fun to watch you try.


Just tried it, Jim, with six kids watching during orchestra. The consensus was "your chest keeps getting in the way, Miss". Three pointed out that my playing was "significantly worse than usual, Miss" and two wanted to take photos. Now I'm really worried about them as well as everything else .....


Jill :lol:


edited for syntactical errors. Shocking! And from a teacher too...


I must be more focuseder

I must be more focuseder

I must be more focuseder


(sample line extract from student incarcerated in detention yesterday)

Edited by Wrigglefingers
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By the way, if anyone knows of a maker that can put together a 60 key extended bass english tenor with VW logo endplates I'll put the children on Ebay!

The Dippers could, no trouble. But your children will probably have grandchildren by the time it's ready. :)




Oooooooooohhhhh, you're not a nice man are you Chris!!!!!!!!!

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well i've been playing for about 2 weeks now and have the concertina on my left leg...with the left side of the concertina on it....it seems to be the best way to play...i really think that having it centered will in no time ruin the instrument...

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