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Sell me your Baritone Anglo C/G 30 (ish) button.

Mr. H

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Hi-- I would like to buy a C/G baritone-- where did you get the idea that I had one for sale?
Please let me know--

Thanks very much


Whoops-- sorry. I got an email regarding this post,  but it was not regarding me specifically, but rather a general notice of a post on this forum. 

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I looked for one earlier this year and also spoke with Bob Tedrow about the one shown on his page.  I could not find one and so went with a Morse.  Doug Creighton was very helpful in making one for me.  The wait was not so long in comparison to most makers.  Recommended!  (buttonbox.com)

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20 hours ago, Mr. H said:

Just to update, I ended up going all in, and ordered a Morse ESB Baritone. Its to be delivered this week...the wait has been long (Since the day I made this post) but I'm ready for it! 


I've had one for 4 or 5 years and love it.  Here's a sample of how I use it - mulitracked with a standard anglo. 



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