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  1. So... somewhere between a possible great bargain and a possible huge disappointment ....
  2. But suppose that you do have something in which someone else is specifically interested. Would it be wrong to send a private message to a potential buyer? For one reason or another, a seller might not want to make the item available on a public forum.
  3. Hi-- I am sure there a lot of interest in a good Dipper concertina. I sent you a private message.
  4. I do have an old leather case that has been completely refurbished and is in beautiful condition. It has been re-stitched where necessary, oiled and polished. The only problem is that it is in Ireland and I will not be in Ireland until June. Let me know if you are interested In waiting that long. Thanks.
  5. Hi Geoff-- it this the one? On UK eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373827356751?hash=item5709d8c84f:g:meoAAOSwUCFhuQO~
  6. Sounds like a lot of money for a "soft-sounding" G/D. That would land in the USA for about $6,000 plus taxes on this end.
  7. Sorry for the confusion regarding my posts. I originally thought to sell just the case, separately. But I am offering the concertina with the case -- or with a different case, as noted. Thanks and my apologies.
  8. At this point I would just let it run the auction. It's hard to estimate its value. It isn't one of the most valuable of the Jeffries concertinas. It only has twenty buttons (rather than 30 or 32) and there's no telling what work it might need. Good luck with it.
  9. You can't expect to sell it with just that minimal information. What condition is it in, what musical key, how many buttons? Don't worry about cleaning it. Take a picture of the concertina and put it on your home screen. Then you can click and drag the picture file -- or choose to attach it -- to a new post here from the option below, where it says "Drag files here to attach...."
  10. Purchased new and stored since. Only played for a few minutes to test. Comes with assorted new Button Box swag. Jeffries button layout. In perfect tune. Cherry finish. It is exactly identical to the concertinas pictured here: https://www.buttonbox.com/morse-ceili.html $2,300 includes shipping in the USA. Guaranteed or your money back - including shipping fees. Comes in a brand-new case. This is about a 20% discount from retail price. I can arrange delivery outside the USA. Buyer to pay $100 shipping.
  11. Not to be confused with The Phantom Button, who is a well-respected Anglo concertina player.
  12. That's not a bad price for an original Wheatstone Lachenal, especially considering that it's red and suitable for mountain trails. 'Colour: RED Bike Type: MTB"
  13. Thanks to everybody. But there is a hold on the instrument. I will repost if the sale doesn't go through as planned.
  14. Hi-- I would like to buy a C/G baritone-- where did you get the idea that I had one for sale? Please let me know-- Thanks very much Whoops-- sorry. I got an email regarding this post, but it was not regarding me specifically, but rather a general notice of a post on this forum.
  15. Thanks for the interest -- it's been sold.
  16. $2,250. Case and shipping in CONUS included. Identical to the one pictured below. When I bought the concertina I was told that Colin Dipper had gone through the concertina in the early 1990s. The instrument is in very good condition. Good leather straps, plays in tune, etc. Est 1880-1890 Selling for just what I paid for it. https://www.etsy.com/listing/677773277/lachenal-concertina-anglo-three-row-30?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=anchored_listing
  17. Whether or not, it's great to hear. Mouthie virtuoso. Thanks.
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