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Lachenal Duet Serial Numbers


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Some months ago, there was an inquiry about the serial numbers for Lachenal Maccann and Crane duet concertinas (I do not cite the posting, since I do not want to embarrass anybody). Someone suggested that the numbering  started with a single series for both Maccann and Crane duets, and later was split into separate series for Maccann and Crane instruments. The truth is just the opposite: It started with a single series for Maccanns (John Hill Maccann Patent No. 4752, 12 March 1884). When Cranes were introduced (John Buttersworth Patent No. 21730, 28 September 1896), a separate serial numbering for Cranes was introduced. When the Buttersworth patent (owned by Crane & Sons) expired in 1910, the Cranes and Maccanns series became a single series. In the same year, 1910, Lachenall introduced the Crane/Triumph concertina, and the Salvation Army published their Triumph tutor. The new joint Maccann/Crane series commenced when the Maccann series was at about No. 2700.

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Thanks Dowright,

I replied to that earlier posting,  pointing out that it was the reverse - two separate series then one joint one. I've previously thought that the joint series commenced slightly later, but your research detailed here gives very good reasons why 1910 is the logical start for the joint series. Many thanks for your years of work on Lachenal serials!

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