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San-serif Jeffries?

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I only get 3 or 4 Jeffries a year passing through my hands, but I don't recall ever having seen one with 'C. JEFFRIES MAKER' stamped in a san-serif typeface like this one. Another curiosity is that it seems to have 5 screws securing the bush-board, rather than the usual two.

Is it a bit naughty, or just a type of Jeffries that I haven't seen before?2121_1.thumb.jpeg.6ddfc9f8a9026a726a8c1271e0591c25.jpeg

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I'm curious.  Is this a duet?  The pattern looks like mine.  Is there a thumb key (probably for F#) on the left side?


I guess not.  I can't find any Jeff duet patterns with only 3 rows.

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This doesn't look like a genuine Jeffries to me. The sans serif, the button layout, the bellows papers and some of the fretwork details all look non-standard Jeffries (and I've said as much to the auctioneer)


Out of curiosity, what key is it in?


Alex West

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Hi Alex,

I went to have a closer look yesterday, and I too shared my suspicions with the auctioneer... but I'll bet their description won't change! The reeds look fairly clean, but so many pads were adrift that I couldn't get a sound out of it. In addition, the ends had been switched right to left! The bellows are completely shot, and the general condition is so tatty that I never even bothered to look at the stamps on the reed frames... sorry!

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