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What would make a reed sound soft

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I have a problem with my new 30 button C/G Lachenal. The B/C button the C row/ right hand side sounds quite soft against other keys. Mike Acott has had a look and has replaced the reed. However, it still sounds soft to me. I am beginning to think it is my brain but I thought I might ask if there was anything else that could cause this?


I attach an image from Garageband where you can see the BC on the C line followed by the BC on G line (left hand). You can clearly see how the volume is different.


Apart from this, it plays really nicely.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 16.01.07.png

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Is that reed located under the heel of your hand/the handset bar?  I find that reeds can have a slightly different character based on where the pad & reed are located.  Looks like Alex and I had the same thought at the time time!


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