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  1. Actually, listening to the final recording, as shown in the image attached, although they show up as different, they sound almost the same to the ear. Hmmm. I attach the mp3. What do you think? bc button.mp3
  2. I have a problem with my new 30 button C/G Lachenal. The B/C button the C row/ right hand side sounds quite soft against other keys. Mike Acott has had a look and has replaced the reed. However, it still sounds soft to me. I am beginning to think it is my brain but I thought I might ask if there was anything else that could cause this? I attach an image from Garageband where you can see the BC on the C line followed by the BC on G line (left hand). You can clearly see how the volume is different. Apart from this, it plays really nicely.
  3. As you say. Nicely polished to look a bit like rosewood, though.
  4. I don't notice any reduction but as I only play for my own amusement (!) then it is OK.
  5. Wood fretwork, bone buttons, steel reeds - not sure of original count but now has 6 fold bellows. I understand that is standard for Chris Algar.
  6. I have sorted my problem. I am lucky enough to live close to Mike Acott who has supplied me with a very nice piece of soft white leather. I am attaching it using UHU glue and little cork pads. I can see the places where the original pads were sited so I am using them as a guide.
  7. I know that it isn't an exact science but it is interesting to have a guide, if possible. I have just exchanged my 20 button Lachenal (serial 74298) for a nice 30 button Lachenal from Barleycorn Concertinas. Buried on the inside is a stamp with 124088. Can anyone give me a clue as to the age of this one? David
  8. I have been playing a 20 button C/G Lachenal for about 6-7 years and got on really well with it. I play mostly 1900 - 1930s type music making lots of adjustments for the accidentals that I don't have. I play single melody and, with only 5 bellows, have never tried seriously to play chords (not enough puff!). I have now swapped it for a 30 button C/G Lachenal which has the first two rows in the same place and all those nice accidentals on the top row (or bottom depending on your point of view). Now, I have a question about fingering. I am getting on very nicely with the first three button on the left hand so G G# A A#/Bb. What I can't figure out is how to play the right hand notes. I am finding moving between C, C# D D# very clumsy. Now, assuming that I have my index finger on the C and the 2nd finger on the E, etc. which finger should I use to get across to the third row? Not well explained but some tips would be helpful. David
  9. My daughter is big into crafts so I will ask her advice. She might have some! Thanks David
  10. Yesterday I travelled over 200 miles to Barleycorn Concertinas (Chris Algar) to swap my 20 button C/D Anglo Lachenal (with a 74xxx serial number) for a 30 button equivalent. I now have a very nice 30 button Lachenal but it differs from my old one in one respect. When you looked at the old one, there was a red sheet of paper(??) behind the fretwork so that you couldn't see the pads etc. My new one doesn't have that so a) I can see all of the works and b) I can feel the air coming out on my hands (which I didn't notice before). I realise that this is done to increase the volume but I play solely for my own pleasure and thus the volume doesn't matter. I had another concertina from a different supplier just for a couple of weeks and in that time some fluff got into one of the pads stopping the C# from sounding. I have never had this happen with my old concertina and I am sure that it is because of the lack of this element. Finally, I get to it. My question is what material should I use to put behind the fret work to make it look and sound like my old one? I attach a photo of my new instrument.
  11. I have a very nice 20 key C/G Anglo Lachenal that dates back (depends on who you talk to) to either 1925 or 1885. I am very pleased with it and have had it for about 7 years. I am looking to purchase a 30 key C/D which has to match my existing concertina in terms of sound quality. I have a budget of close to £1,000. I attach an image of my current instrument for comparison purposes. Hobgoblin have one for £750 but it has brass reeds so will probably not meet the sound test against my steel reed 20 key. Does anyone have anything for sale that might meet my needs? I might consider a part exchange, in which case my budget is somewhat higher. I live in Ipswich, UK but can travel a reasonable distance to try out. David
  12. Does it need any work? I have to convince "she who must be obeyed" which could be difficult. My wish for a new instrument doesn't always coincide with her budget decisions - smile. David
  13. Basically I can play in F and D by transposing as I go but after that I get a bit confused as I play so there is a lot of music out there that I cannot play without using ABC to input it and then transpose it using that.
  14. Hello everyone. I have a1928 (or maybe 1878 depending on how you read the serial number) refurb Lachenal 20 key C/G Anglo. I would really like to be able to play tunes in other keys so would like to move to a 30 key. The problem is that I can't afford what I like and don't like what I can afford - typical dilemma. I have a budget up to £500 (if I had to I could throw in my Lachenal which would probably add another £300 to the pot but I am reluctant to do that). So, do I give up or can anyone suggest something thatI might like - up against the sound of my current concertina. As an aside, I went into a Hobgoblin and tried some Stagis but my wife winced at the sound so that route is out. David
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