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Searching for Anglo International compilation

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As the subject line says, I'm searching for the "Anglo International" compilation. Is it still in print? Everyone seems to be out of stock.


If it's out of print, I'd be happy to shell out the bucks if anyone has a spare copy at a reasonable price.





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25 minutes ago, David Barnert said:

Why don’t you send a PM to Alan Day, a member of these forums who was one of the producers of Anglo International.


Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated.


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On 9/1/2018 at 9:35 AM, douga said:


I hope that means mine is coming soon :)


Mine came a few hours after I made that last post. There's a lot of approaches to playing the anglo in this collection, quite a few that I hadn't previously thought of.


Thanks to everyone who was involved in getting this to me.


For one moment, I did think I was going to hear Bob Davenport sing "The Lady Is A Tramp", but sadly, that was not the case....

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