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  1. Have you considered putting these recordings up on something like Bandcamp? You can sell downloads of the recordings in multiple formats. It might be more trouble than it's worth, but it might be worth investigating.
  2. I got a present for Hanukkah which I'm throwing in here because it's concertina-related: a copy of Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style by Gary Coover, who some of you may have heard of.
  3. Let me add my thanks for this valuable resource. I hope you're around for another 20!
  4. Mine came a few hours after I made that last post. There's a lot of approaches to playing the anglo in this collection, quite a few that I hadn't previously thought of. Thanks to everyone who was involved in getting this to me. For one moment, I did think I was going to hear Bob Davenport sing "The Lady Is A Tramp", but sadly, that was not the case....
  5. Will you be posting pictures of your new Clover?
  6. As the subject line says, I'm searching for the "Anglo International" compilation. Is it still in print? Everyone seems to be out of stock. If it's out of print, I'd be happy to shell out the bucks if anyone has a spare copy at a reasonable price. Thanks, Doug
  7. Thanks! These are both good answers. @Bill N I'm working my way slowly through 1-2-3 Anglo, and though I haven't yet hit the parts on alternate fingerings (or the second row for that matter), I was able to find a few -- particularly hitting the G row for the high A instead of using my little finger to get it on the C row. I probably wouldn't always do that, but it's nice to know it's there. @Kelteglow Using the bellows to get the two consecutive notes forced me to use the bellows more efficiently in just a few hours of practice. So thanks for the advice. It would be nice to find a teacher just to help me along, but while accordion teachers are thick on the ground here, there don't seem to be any concertina teachers. Thanks, Doug
  8. Hi: I'm new to the Anglo concertina, and I have (or will have) a multitude of questions. One question concerns notes that are adjacent to each other scale-wise and on the same button. If you are playing, say, a C to D on the left-hand third button of the C row, do you release the button between the two notes or do you just push and pull to change notes? I expect there are a few opinions about how to do this (many beginning with "It depends....") but I wanted to hear from the community on this. I apologize if this question has been answered before; I can't seem to find the answer. Thanks, Doug
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