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Dubious eBay listings

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There are two concertinas listed on eBay at the moment which seem very strange:








These seems to be offered at a very low starting price, but the text for the listings say that they are only available at a ‘Buy it now’ price of 2250 GBP (or alternatives in other currencies).


There are numerous other items offered by the same seller, all at the same ‘Buy it now’ price. 


In addition, I have checked on them a few times and the seller seems to keep changing.


My instinct is to treat these with considerable care...



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This is someone hacking individual ebay accounts. They list hundreds of high quality items, often including conertinas, and they always instruct you not to bid but to contact them outside of ebay for a buy it now. They also always use the same pictures over and over.

They hit me once about a year ago.

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