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  1. I forget where I saw a chalkboard sign outside a restaurant which said " take a picture of your food for instagram and receive a free concussion". I observed a table of six at the local pub; all with their eyes on their phones and absolutely no discussion for the duration of their meal. Sad.
  2. "Someone on melodeon.net has pointed out that the same concertina is apparently being offered on Gumtree by "Gillian". The seller's name on Gumtree comes up as "Henrietta" when I click on the link above. Very strange.
  3. I have noticed on a few occasions that private messages appear under the 'Activity' tab. I find this strange as I presumed private messages were exactly that; private - and used where members didn't want the information shared. I wonder if other members have any thoughts on this? UPDATE: I have been enlightened by some members that there are public and private messages. My mistake.
  4. Thanks Dave. I'll keep my eye out. Cheers, Dave
  5. Thanks Stephen, most of the parts I need are pads, valves and mainly bellows. Cheers.
  6. I came across this Rock Chidley EC for sale several months ago. http://www.musicswopshop.com.au/stock?cat=Violins%2c+Cellos%2c+Mandolins%2c+Banjos+%26+Accordions&sub=Accordions&displayItemCount=20&moreItems=20&sort=SORTLATEST The price has been lowered quite a bit since I first saw it. Conversion rate: AUD$750 = US$527, GBP£419,Euro€467. I have no financial interest in this at all. Cheers, Dave
  7. Does anyone know when Concertina Spares will be operating again or, if indeed, they will ever be operating again? I am keen to buy some spares for a Maccann restoration but may have to buy spares elsewhere. Cheers
  8. Stephen, I have a copy of this book in unmarked, good condition which I no longer need. You can have the book for the cost of postage; which would be around AUD $22, HKD $120 or US $15.30, from Australia to Hong Kong. Send me a PM if you are interested. Cheers, Dave
  9. Unfortunately for me, this is not available in Australia.
  10. Hi Stephen. Something to consider would be Engravers Wax. Engravers use it to infill lines engraved on metal, mother of pearl, abalone and wood. You can buy it here: https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Tools_by_Job/Tools_for_Inlay_and_Pearl_Cutting/Laskins_Engraving_Filler.html or just google it. Cheers
  11. Oops! I stand corrected on the pronunciation of Aiobheann.
  12. I don't know where you are in Melbourne but there is a great accordion repairer in West Heidelberg. He goes under the name "Captain Accordion" http://members.optusnet.com.au/~capt.accordion/ He is a really easy bloke to deal with and very helpful. Cheers, David
  13. Hello All, I have a mystery Maccann without an identity. I previously posted this concertina under "general discussion" but with only a couple of photos. I did not own the instrument at the time and was a bit reluctant to open it up too much. Now it is mine and so the restoration begins. I have attached some photos which may give some clues to its maker. The only identifying marks are R and L on each end followed by the number 65. These numbers are consistent throughout the instrument; on the underside of the fretwork, the reed pans and the action board. There is some handwriting in pencil as well but this only denotes which end the part belongs to. The lever arms are riveted and are a round profile. I believe it is in old high pitch A=452 (or close to) according to my electronic tuner, but certainly needs tuning. I have included pics of the case as well although this may not be the original case. I am in Australia and only know a small part of its provenance. It came to me via the widow of its owner. It had previously been owned by her husband's father who may have brought it to Australia from New Zealand. Any help would be really appreciated.
  14. Thanks Don. I have just started to restore an unknown brand Maccann and I'm interested in any restoration pics. Cheers
  15. I agree Geoff. But it mystifies me that there is absolutely nothing inside to identify it. I have now taken possession of this instrument (or, is it about to possess me ) and will start some restoration of it. I will keep this post updated if anything comes to light. Slainté
  16. This rather forlorn Maccann was found in a cupboard of a deceased estate. It was brought to me so I could give it an assessment. It has nothing to identify the maker; no labels and nothing on the inside except for "Right Treble" and "Left" written in pencil on the reed pans. There are no numbers or other marks at all. I have taken it apart once but I am reluctant to do so again un-neccessarily as parts are unglued and buttons are damaged and come loose. It was a bugger of a job to get it back together again. If it was mine it would be a different matter. The reeds are in good condition with no rust although terribly out of tune. The reed pans are unwarped. Most of the pads are shot and would need replacing. Same with most of the valves. It does have a riveted lever action. Some of the buttons have lost their bottom pegs and don't sit correctly. They have also lost most of their felt bushings. As for the bellows; they have more leaks than a Welsh market garden, have been patched many times and would need to be replaced. As you can see the veneer on the faces shows damage. I would like to know if anyone on the forum could identify the maker. The fate of this old girl is undecided at the moment. The widow of the owner thinks she might like to send it to her brother-in-law in New Zealand where it would likely be put away in another cupboard for the rest of its life or, I may make an offer to buy it from her and go about a slow restoration.
  17. I have several concertina Tutor books along with Dave Elliot's Maintenance Manual. These books are free; all you need to pay is postage. The books are located in Australia. One to three books would be around: UK and Ireland £11.50 or €13 USA $11.75 US Australia $8.50 AUD If you would like any more than three books let me know where you live and I will give you a cost. ONLY ONE LEFT The books are: "The Irish Concertina" by Mick Bramich (excellent condition, with CD) "The Concertina Maintenance Manual" by Dave Elliott (very good condition) "The Anglo Concertina Demystified" by Bertram Levy (excellent condition, with two CD's) "English Concertina" by Richard Carlin (1977 edition. Old, but in good condition) "The Concertina" by Frank Butler (English Concertina tutor. 1976 edition, old but in good condition) "Crane's Concertina Tutor" by H. Wilton-Bulstrode (a spiral bound photocopy edition in good condition) "Wickins' Easy Concertina Tutor" ( Anglo. Very old edition which originally sold for sixpence. Not in great condition but interesting) "The English Concertina" The Simplicity Tutor (Old, but in reasonably good condition. Originally sold for 4 shillings in Australia and New Zealand) "Instruction Book for the English Concertina" by Carlo Minasi ( A Chappell's Instruction Book. Very old and in poor condition with some back pages missing but interesting) If anyone is interested in these books I am happy to send photos or answer any questions you may have. Just send me a PM. Cheers, Dave
  18. Don, it sounds like you have much the same as me. I also have the callouses as you describe. Mine aren't painful at all and I think they are caused by the way I lean on surfaces with my hands. It took me a long while to figure this out. Cheers, Dave.
  19. Both listings seem to have been removed.
  20. Robin, I have the LP and can scan it and send the images to you. Do you want a scan of the whole cover or just the information about Thrunton Woods which is paired with The Hawk Polka. The liner notes read: "THE HAWK POLKA/THRUNTON WOODS James Hill, the composer of The High Level Hornpipe and many other fine fiddle tunes, lived at 'The Hawk', a pub in Gateshead. He named at least two tunes after the pub, one a reel which is quite well known and this polka which I found in a manuscript lent to me by John Gall of Beamish Museum who got it from John Hockey, a farmer in East Boldon, Co. Durham. The book appears to be the work of William Hall Lister also of East Boldon. Thrunton Woods are just to the south of our house." I had to rummage through my very old collection to find the album and realised how long it is since I listened to them. I am now on the lookout for a turntable so I can relive some old times. Cheers, Dave
  21. Thank you for the name of the tune. I was nearly demented looking through all my music. Now for a good night's sleep.
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