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Colin Dipper - Honourable Tradesman

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Oops wanted to edit a post and deleted content, oh well I didnt have anything interesting to say and too lazy to type ;-)


One thing though, Colin said that it's still three years waiting list for a C/G anglo, I was expecting a much longer waiting list. Very strange indeed.

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Hello everyone,


it's been a long time since I posted on this site - (had to re-register!) Hope to make regular contributions but I thought I'd add my thoughts to this thread on Colin and Rosalie Dipper firstly. I've known them since I was 8 when my parents drove me and my concertina down from Luton to Heytesbury to get a few bits done to my Jeffries. Didn't realise at the time how lucky I was to have a Jeffries but that's an aside. My concertina went in the front door like a beaten up Ford and emerged like a Ferrari. I can still remember the journey home and Mum and Dad discussing how "cheap it was." The most fascinating thing of all was the workshop - it was an Aladin's cave of concertina paraphernalia. Amazing. I've made semi-regular visits to the Dippers over the last 20 years and have a Dipper Concertina on order. Over that time, they've always been exceedingly kind, generous and enthusiastic. Surely there must be another Dipper family in Heytesbury that Oddball speaks of - because it couldn't possibly be the Colin and Rosalie that I know.


My name went on the waiting list some 10 years ago but I'd never really stated what I wanted and there were a few years in college that I just didn't have the money anyway. I'm not sure when it will be ready but I'm more than happy to wait - I'm hoping it will be this year. Even if it's another 10 years it will be worth it.


As for that OddBall Character - I do/n't think he/she deserves a Dipper Concertina because it would never really be loved/appreciated would it?


Good health and prosperity to the Dippers. If we are all half as decent as them, then we are fine people indeed.


All the best


Ciaran O'Grady (Dublin)

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