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Concertina Maker Jose Claro?

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Thanks, Henrik! I'll put him in both categories.


I heard about and met him for the first time in Ennis last week. Very impressed by his instruments - he makes both accordion-reeded and concertina reeded. Also a beatiful, small instrument (not at home, don't have his brochure here).


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... (not at home, don't have his brochure here).


I got a copy of it off José when I saw him in Ennis too, so I'll post scans of it here:




I was astonished when TWO new concertina makers, José and Ralf Schlimm (7Mount Concertinas) came into the shop and introduced themselves during Willie Clancy Week two years ago, and I'm delighted to see them both establishing themselves and doing well now.


I'd heard that José had started, and then stopped, making accordion-reeded concertinas - but he told me that he'd decided to continue making them after all to provide a more-affordable "intermediate" model for Irish parents (in particular) to buy, and he offers an "upgrade" option on them to a concertina-reeded instrument.

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With your permission I shall take the brochure from here and publish it in the facebook group "Concertina en España"

I gave him a call yesterday, and we were talking long time. He is very interesting person, moreover for us, spanish speakers , that don't speak english well, and it is easier to communicate technical and musical themes in our own language. His concertinas are manufactured and he makes all kinds of concertinas, 30 to 38, 40, etc. buttons, layouts and keys, etc. he is open to discuss and the buyer can order the instrument as he wants, he told me he was now constructing a baritone concertina.

He isn't so restricted to any model in particular as other makers, time ago I wanted to have the birds button in one of my new ordered concertinas from another maker and it was imposible.

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