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First German Mini Squeeze In

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:D :rolleyes:


Concertina Players from all over the World !!!

Well more reasonably from Germany and Neigbour Countries !


Dear Friends,

I am back !


I got a job after quite a long time.


I am back to Life and also back to Concertina.net, although I did not give up and have gone ahead playing and learning to play the Concertina, and since I had to give away my a bit better Concertinas, I am leaning to handle my cheap Chinese ones and sometimes they start to sound good.

Whe I startred tzo play the Anglo, it has been easier to progresss with the better ones, now I know a bit better, I find ways to take advantage about the Chinese ones.


Well, to the point :


Henk and I plan to meet about the 10 and/or 11 / 12 of December, here in my place REINHEIM, not far away from DArmstadt and Frankfurt/Main.


Henk and I we sould enjoy to have more Players and Friends with us.


I hope at least one more German Player will be with us.


I could organize something, would do my best, to make you have a nice weekend in GErmany, eventually sleeping in the Forest in reasonable price Guesthouse, organized by Odenwald Freunde, meaning Friends of our local mopuntains. or alternatively in a cheap Hotel in m,y town.


Here is a local group of amateuer Musicians who like Irish Music, I could make them join us and otherws.


We could make Music, speak about the isntruments and eventually visit our beautiful Xmas Markets in our surroundings.


We have also Irish Pubs in DArmstadt and possibly I copuld also organize a session or somethjing like a session.


Jim, Jonatahan, Erwin and who more ? Let me know the soonest possible your interst and I shall organize or better said improvise somehting we all may enjoy, sopmething with a spontanous character, as I am.


I cannot tell you nothing about cost in this moments, but I would estimatze apart of travel cost, the stage here, may not come more expwnsive than


70 - 120 Euros ????


I also can contact the KonzertinaNetz, German Concertinanet, and maybe some of this groupment may come also.


Cordially and excitedly


Joachim Delp


Please excuse typing errors. Hurry together wirtth my sight proble.-.. ;)

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Thanks Ken,

speaking the day 23 about something thought to happen day 12 of Decmeber,

is certainlöy very short and the "eventual meeting" necesaryly must have a improvised character.


Coming weekend I may propose some more details. I am open for suggestions.


But in any case it will be a happening of joy .


Some freinds of music and particularly Concertina Players, wintertime, Pre-Chrismas Time, Hot Wine, must be a success however persons we may join.


Once more thank you for your kind attention, Ken.


And to all the others :


Animo, Courgae, : If Music, Free Redd ,Concertina, Folk and Friendship, Cordiality is what you like, you will find it if you come.


Joachim Delp

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Hi Joachim,


Glad to hear things are going well with you. Hope things are going well with the Lachenal Bb/F too. Unfortunately that weekend we have a prior commitment to play for our morris side, so have a good time! If this goes well maybe you will want to do something when the days are longer? We will do our best to come. What with one thing and another, we have never been to Germany!




Chris & Anne

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Anne & Chris.


Althouhg I did not mention you when lancing the poll, I had you in mind as I have others.

Nice to know that you might have been willing to consider the possibility to come.

Consequence of improvising and giving no chnce to plan time enough ahead.


Whatever will be organized you will be informed by some kind of documentation, fotos or Video or sound recording or altogehter.


And I have an idea since last year to do something better organized for the end of June next year.

If so, I would inform next time with time.


The Lachenal is very little used since July, when I left Spain and had no chance to return uintil now, for circunstances, I do not wnat to describe here.


Kind regards


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For future events, please remember that the ICA publishes a 'conflict calendar' once a year to check dates for events which are planned, and to find out if any planned event might clash with something already arranged. The current edition can be viewed on the ICA website - address in signature below. Any new events can be added to the next edition planned for early in the new year.


Best wishes.



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;) <_<

Mr. John Wild,

I am afraid I shall enter into any conflicrt with any other event, considering the number of reactions until now.

Anyway, nothjing has been "planned", nothing will be really "planned", it has been a spontneous idea, and if something comes to reality, it will be something imporvised but hopefully enjoyable.


For all, I think I can find the time during the weekend to give some more detailed information and then it maybe easier to take a decision.

Kind regards

Joachim Delp

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Just remember, they all start as "Mini" Squeeze-Ins. I remember when the precursor to the NESI was a half dozen of us spending the weekend in sleeping bags on the floor at Rich Morse's house in Vermont in the late 1980s.


(Edited for typo--I really should start reading my posts before I hit send, rather than immediately afterward) :unsure:

Edited by David Barnert
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