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English Concertina Olio, Another Book Scan

Pete Dunk

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I bought two job lots of concertina related books, one lot on ebay and another from a concertina repairman, I'm not sure which that one came from. I have two more music books and a tutor book to scan and I'm hoping that the ICA and/or Concertina.com will host them as my Dropbox space isn't infinite!


The rest of the books I got are still in © so I can neither scan or abc them I'm afraid.

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OMGosh, that is so easy with Dropbox. Now if I just use that service often enough to remember how to use! The tunes look slightly beyond my skills, but never pass up an offer on music books is how I live! Thanks again, Tallship! Shelly

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So I have been fooling around with the music. The fingering requires some adjustments Lots of alternate third finger movements and playing an alternate sharp or flat to adjust. The chording and some of the phrasing and counter fingering are not all that intuitive.

Boy would I have loved to hear this guy play.



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