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  1. Try this link: http://www.brunnermusica.com/concertine.php?ln=en or (more general): http://www.brunnermusica.com/
  2. Hi Marien I recently found this page on the internet. Maybe it is useful for you? AP
  3. Just use the "attachments" option. This options also works for non-VIP's :-)
  4. IReally like your Miss Hamilton playing. How many times do you repeat the tune and are the dots the same as the version on Thesession.org ??

  5. Hi Hillsider There is no such thing as a default pattern for playing the scale of D on a C/G concertina. On some C/G concertinas C# can only be played in the push-direction and on some in the push as wel as the pull direction. On top of that almost all notes on the D scale can be played in the push or pull direction. It is more or less dependant on the tune you are playing and on your own preferences which cross row pattern you need. It's a matter of trial and error and/or exploring your anglo... AP
  6. Hello Raide, Have a look at this page and more specific the tutor that is mentioned on the page. There is also an ABC editor that prduces the tablature for Anglo concertina. Have a look at this page: http://members.quicknet.nl/j.coolegem/abcedit/intro.html Have fun
  7. Could it be the "splendid isolation" of the UK
  8. Marien Thanks for your latest reply. I've sent you a PM AP
  9. Hi Marien I tried to PM you, but received the following message: BTW: Which dots did Jim send?
  10. Scott, You're absolutely right! I checked "The Session" on "Blackhall Rocks" and found this tune that completely fits. On top of that it is mentioned that the tune originally was derived from a tune "The Ruffian's Rant" which is a.o. also known as: "Roy's Wife (of Aldivalloch)". For details see this page from the Fiddlers Companion. So Jim was not wrong and Scott is right.. Thanks
  11. That must be the tune I was looking for !! It must have been more than 30 years ago that I heard the tune for the first time played by The Battlefield Band (??), but this is for me the tune I was looking for. Thanks Jim!
  12. The tune attached just popped up in my brain. It must be about 30 years ago when I heard this tune played by a Northumbrian piper in a band. I forgot the name of the band, but he title of the tune had some relation with "west wind". can anybody help me?? w-wind.mp3
  13. Hi Bill, What do you mean with English style: English style of music using an Anglo Concertina Using an English Concertina for any type of music
  14. Dear Gavin, I am not "in the area" but I would like to see and hear you and Julie. However, there are oceans between us and even in your Micromouse it will take about two years to make it..... So, you better announce the event much earlier or start to to publish "how to build your plane" AP
  15. Do'nt worry Richard. There is a good chance that your playing will be even better.
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