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  1. Hi Linda, Well, you are absolutely correct. Greg Jowaisas is a number one class act. Yesterday, I received my "new" Lachenal English 48 button box from him. He found a suitable case for it, overhauled, tuned, and shipped to me promptly when ready. Now, all I have to do is learn how to play it. Thanks for the lead to this most professional concertina source. I just cannot endorse his products and services enough and really appreciate your recommendation. Bill
  2. To All, Thank you very much for all suggestions; you have been most helpful and I feel confident to spend more money for a better learning instrument. The eBay seller finally replied to me that the Maestro B55 is a Chineese manufactured box and I think I will not go that route. Bill
  3. Hi Linda, Well, your suggestion to contact Greg was excellent advice. I did and as you said, I heard back from him immediately. I am planning to buy a 48 button english box from him as soon as I can arrange my finances and sell some stuff. I was greatly impressed with his suggestions and responses to my basic questions and echo your favorable referral for anyone needing similar advice. Thanks, again, Bill
  4. Hello Forum members. I'm a newbie and looking for a decent English style box for learning. I see on eBay a "Maestro B55" advertised with starting bids around $250 USD. Have any of you had experience with this model and is it one of the Chinese versions ? I asked the seller what was the model and where made but only he only replied with "Maestro B55" Also, most advice I get re my first concertina is to buy the best concertina I can afford even as a learning student. I appreciate the value of a good musical instrument, but to pay a couple of thousand bucks to learn on just didn't seem the best strategy. Has anyone regretted starting out with the cheaper models? Bill
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