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  1. Same here... options were too restrictive so I decided to go look for a comment I can back 100%.
  2. Nice one... I probably should give a little 'busking' a go... the only place I play 'publicly' is on camping... and even then I have people asking me for a cd.
  3. Go for it mate! Just be sure to let us know when it's available (Edited for one grammatical error)
  4. Heh, just the year I can't go... pity. My best friend is down in Canberra for a few years studying at the ANU and will be going along to the National Folk Festival... he plays the fiddle (he and I play a bit of both folk and classic.) Being 18 next year I am going to head down there for the Festival definitely and am rather hoping that I'll meet a few players off here there next year! I'm looking forward to it already!
  5. Nice tune but can't help with the name... sorry. Though, isn't related to any of Noel Hill's background is it? i.e. any group he was in? sounds like something he'd play...
  6. The link worked ok for me; just that the earliest mention of Henry Silberhorn on that page in 1885. It's lists the dates on the page with a few notes for the years. I thought it pretty easy to find my way around. Me; I sometimes envy people who live so close to areas like that. Being in Australia, there aren't [many] concertina makers, etc, but that's ok. Thank the internet for that one
  7. Hi, Umm, this page might be some help... http://concertinamusic.com/timeline/ From the date of 1885 it includes a few short notes on Henry Silberhorn. As it says on the page, Silberhorn published the first version of the book you are referring to in 1910, so concluding from that, the book you have evidently isn't one of the first prints. Perhaps it'd be a help to do a few internet searches and even perhaps check out one of your closest largest libraries for info... perhaps over the internet as well? Hope this is of some help. Cheers, Patrick
  8. Interesting debate... My best friends play the violin/fiddle while I play the concertina... we all reckon' they go together excellently actually. Another good combo is the flute and ?bohran. Rather as my conclusion I'd say all instruments are pretty fun though some are easier than others... and the concertina is a good challenge. Perhaps rather another interesting discussion on TheSession is a bit of a questionnaire of what instruments do people play. We'd then have a bit of research showing what are the most commonly played instruments in trad music. I must say at our local music group the 4 most common are guitars, concertinas, flutes and tin whistles. Most tunes go down well but I sometimes loathe the occasional high pitched note (or rather noise sometimes) coming from the tin whistles... ouch .
  9. ... 'mazing That's it. Looks like I have some practicing cut out for me now. Thanks for that Snorre.
  10. ... Unfortunately, it's not exactly the one I'm after. And this proves my point of my disliking for the times when musicians don't list all the names of tunes in a set. On 'Upside Down,' Sharon plays the tune I'm after before she plays the one that you sent the links to... perhaps it's a totally different name, hence my disliking mentioned above. Perhaps take this for example: http://www.thesessio...gs/display/1958 On the list... track number 6. That's the one I am after, though I am sure that there are two tunes in that track; not just showing the name of the one I am after. I would attach the actual track off the cd if it wasn't for copyright laws. Being a yr11 student now I have to abide very closely to quotes and that that have copyright on them. Patrick
  11. Hi everyone, Just writing quickly to ask if anyone could help me. After hearing Sharon Shannon (on accordian) play a specific tune on two albums she's played on, I want to learn that tune. One album that might ring a bell for a few of you is: 'Upside Down,' a folk music cd put together by... 4 musicians I think. On there, the tune (or rather set) is called 'Music For A Found Harmonium.' Shannon plays this again on one of her own albums, which I've forgotten the name of. I have tried time and time again to try and get the sheet music for that set free but with no luck... even on TheSession. Could someone help me please? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Patrick
  12. Thanks Jewish Leprechaun, Leo & Michael! All great collections; will have much fun learning them! Thanks again, Patrick
  13. Heh, nice one. Aye, happy new year!
  14. Patrick King


    Hi All! Hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year. First of all, I was wanting some ideas for some nice Airs for me to learn to play. There's not many airs going around at the local folk music group... mainly reels, jigs, polkas, a majority of them I already know and was wondering if any of you could suggest me a few Airs? From the ones I've heard every now and then on a concertina, they sound real good, as well as the fact they can bring out the player's emotion. Besides, there's a man named Simon who plays concertina and flute and he's actually one who first introduced me to the 'conc.' Seeing he keeps teaching me tunes every now and then, I'll teach him a few Airs and that. Only problem is I can't find many Airs on the internet. Anyone able to help? Ah yes, and secondly, perhaps most of you have heard 'The Mountains of Pomeroy' played by Noel Hill on one of his albums 'The Irish Concertina Two'. Would anyone be able to give me a link to the closest version of that tune to how Noel Hill plays it? I have one version from a book written nearly 32 years ago... Begged, Borrowed and Stolen (if anyone here in Oz has heard of it or has a copy of it,) but it sounds so much different to the way Hill plays it. Be good to get some suggestions. Cheers.
  15. Hmmm... interesting. I think I'd find blowing it up with my mouth more easier and besides, it would be cheaper: I wouldn't have to sacrifice my concertina. Talk soon... BTW- Happy Holidays! (or so it is over here in Oz.)
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