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  1. whoops - this seems to be a repetition...sorry.
  2. Cnet100Scotchmelodiesindex I am really looking forward to some of the unusual Scotch tunes to come which will put our provenance skills to their utmost test and, I suspect, Tallship may be accused of sedition and taken by cart to SNP Castle, Edinburgh to await trial, keel-hauled and then strung from the crow’s nest. . Such little known Highland melodies as: Six Kyries March of the men of Harlech God Save the Queen [Mary] Rule Britannia [when the oil fields are taken back – remember Caesar called his invading fleet the classis britannica (fleet to invade Britain). Rossini’s (an Italian gelato maker settled in Scotland) Mosè in Egitto (Moses in Egypt) The German fatherland… I am beginning to wonder whether this list may have fallen off another book…..! Two Te Deum (s) – both in F Austrian National Hymn…………. anyways - it will be interesting to see if the Te Deum(s)wherever they are located on some other Chappell's book are good for Dirge to play, rather than his having to get hold of a piano version for his big Duet machine. Interestingly (or perhaps not!), messing about at the kitchen table last night, before I went through this index, I was squeezed out the first part of the Gregorian Te Deum out on a Lachenal 20-button.
  3. Damn right but I didn't mention that because I assumed that was normal for the genre. Mine are flat as we speak; it does stop me using it. I don't do battle with Sal's filing system for things like new batteries when I should and in next to no time it's 'Oh blast, forgot the batteries were flat. Well I'll record it next time then...' I'll go and change them now. Well I'll just check my emails first. And get a jumper; the temperature's dropping. Oh, the new turf needs watering... QED irge - the recorder really must be ready for a number of hours at least. My long in the tooth (cost 175 quid new a decade ago)Sony ICD 515, (takes about 20 secs to put in two little AAA batteries) lasts about 20 hours and its 128 MB memory stick (quite expensive and small storage compared with modern SD cards -- costs 25 to 40 quid) gives 17 hours top quality recording time.
  4. score from Jack La mer-1.pdffor La mer-2.pdf
  5. The problem with the Zooms is the batteries just don't last. I took extension electric cables with me last trip but they are such a pain I hardly used the Zoom. It DOES have fiddly buttons which sometimes you cannot see. On fares alone this is going to cost you a whack - all the way round the world. You should have at least two recorders. And use both at each recording so if you cock up with one you still have a backup recording. So, a Zoom if your fingers are good at coping (it is does have good quality, tho you must experiement coz it can underecord when you think it is getting sound) Then buy that Olympus mentioned. Use your existing one as a backup in case your other two break down. Buy several sets of mini earphomes so you can listen to your two machines as they record -- it is a good way to be sure you are getting everything. And if you are serious then you should also be taking video while you record audio. There may be a Kodak Zi8 still on the market which shoots at 1080p resolution (you must have a mini table tripod as well as a floor tripod to avoid shakes. Seems they have ordinary batteries. You can also put an external mike in which gives you another sound backup. And I am told Zoom are doing sound and video now (but one review complains about the battery life! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/zoom-q2hd-handy-video-audio-recorder#review Let us know = I am in themarket for a new base machine ///
  6. Cor e blimey - that was a helluva a lot of work putting that together. 12 out of 10! I went past the shop today on the way back from Chapel market and the window display looked as though it had been prettified but I was on the wrong side of the road so could not see clearly - looked like little dolls...... I'll go by with the camera and see if whatever it was is worth a photo for you. pip pip
  7. I will, I will - just need to organise some time (and energy). This is a separate issue of course from opening and saving the midi files on PC, ref the comment I made with the Scotch toon book. Tks and will not forget.
  8. Oh Having saved 'your' midi on and in the Mac,I tried to open it. VLC is installed on here. VLC (and there is no other option on this machine at the moment) said it cannot open this format without: I dont know how to do print screeen on Mac it says Midi synthesis not set up, sound font required etc etc etc No suitable decoder et cetc Unfort VLC does not support midi [well of course even I know that!] Anyway, I shall continue this on my PC....
  9. Wot a good idea. Is this an Italian version of Maxwelton Braes as it don't sound too much like the one I know. I have just realised (while using tuneotron on other half's latest v expesive Macbook, that this new midi playback format is for Mac/Quicktime - in the sense that, having opened it with MS XP on a PC and then try to save it you cannot unless you buy itunes. Does this mean u are on a MAC?, and second does it mean anyone using a PC will have to use/buy itunes to save yr version. Does the quicktime midi format allow slowing down etc in other software programs? There is no obvious facility on screen when it opens up initially - it seems to be just stop/go/stop plus volume. Is there no way of ensuring all your hard work is open to as many users as poss for the long term - you don't want to drive em to drinking Scotch when they can't access these Scottish (hint hint, knock knock, SNP Provosts approaching!)toons I have to admit one political reason I do not use/like Mac is the various controls they operate via itunes etc - which is why I would not buy a mac tablet..... I am having a different set of problems but similar with Asus Prime Transformer 201 tablet. It may be winning all the prizes and beating the tish out of the opposition allegedely, but runs on android and seems unable to handle a variety of bog standard sound and video files.... aaaghh The scores come up beautifully clear on the Prime screen and but you often cannot open the sound file alongside to learn.
  10. Great - what a sound. I must drop in next time passing. Organs used air before tinas, so this has everything to do with tinas which are just portable organs. That means it is interesting to try to play big organ tunes on tinas and of course in tina bands. I have done this before but anyway, close your eyes before pressing this youtube link - here's is the organ at work. and another version The concertina band at Swaledale does some good stuff so that might encourage more risktakers, as I said! And here's another candidate for tina
  11. Just found this amazing new organ project..... don't know if it is fully funded yet but sounding good... it is fully funded so you are too late too make yr fortune and the with the dvd set prices at 59 quid they only need to sell 1367.5213675213675213675213675214 DVDs to start making a profit.... Widor really starts fuguin' up at 1.40 and a recent one I had not seen which seems to have the same bass notes as Dirge's box and the monster bass which thundered during the Gilbert and Sullivan concert at Swaledale in May 2012. Pori Church,Finland, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxJwPeIjQBI&feature=related Of course you could go up market down under and play something more appealing (get the drums)\btw this finger pinger and boothitter is one of the current global greats from Finland. I also see they finally put an organ into the all wooden (well one wall is concrete) Lahti concert hall in Finland/ Worth a visit if you happen to be on the Sibelius trail. I looked around the concert hall (and recorded some noises which I have somewhere) while it was still being built, and was there again for prize giving to Renzo Piano (of The Shard) and a special concert. We had an interestin' tho pleasant difference of opinion at breakfast over the acoustics - it is a 'silent' building - so are u saying Sibelius would have had the lake ferries' horns turned off during performances!!??
  12. Can one approach by sea and if so will the ski jump be working in reverse up the cliff with a tow rope to pull up marine landing parties (pirates with their tinas - they prefer to bring their own rather than risk getting a catchy tune from the local totty!? Have fun! There are a number of remote requests for you to play as listed under musical hall songs under another thread. Please empty the hat after each one so you can tell us which brings in the most moolah == for next time as it were.
  13. This looks like a useful site. Not sure what your definition of "cracking good" is, but here are just a few of the possibilities: Man on the Flying Trapeze My Old Dutch Bird on Nellie's Hat Henery the Eighth Sweeney Todd Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly Champagne Charlie Long Way to Tipperary Little Bit of Cucumber Waiting at the Church ... and many more Have fun! \Based on the principle that if they join in the singing then your playing will be a hit and they will think u are fantastic and book you again at twice the price: Bless em all, bless em all My old man;s a dustman, he wears a dustman hat (BTW it's: Enery not Henery!) With er ed, tucked underneath er arm, She walks the Bloody Tower, Various weepy scots - Scottish Soldier Loch Lomond Maxwellton Braes then Molly Malone Maggie May, she won;t walk down Lime Streeet any more........ A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square ... Al played a great version of that at Grinton I think three years ago The Blaydon Races In my Liverpool Home (we meet under a statue exceedingly bare, if u want a cathedral we;ve got one to spare... Charlie is me darling The Lost chord A policeman's lot is not a happy when - using the Dave Ball composition for full tina band and badtone soloist.... Pack up your troubles It's the rich wot gets the money and the poor wot gets the pain My old man said follow the van and dont dilly dally on the way And some xmas Three kings, one on a bicycle As shepherds wash their sox by nite all seated round the tub.. The fffffoggy ffffuggy dew.
  14. Not to worry - there are more melodeonised tina players here than you might imagine - for those who did not know, Paolo (not Paulo Malcolm) is a name to conjure with, and you also know now to buy the next gray you see for the 20 quid asked or it will end up over five grand like this one....... In the meantime, just feel the reeds vibrating (slightly different setup on this first video_) tho all are not what they might seem (e.g. Grey for green) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GVkzXUQa2k and perhaps here on the right? reed mix a bit too complicated for me to grasp but intrestin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHDZ6NEvVf0 and http://comhaltas.ie/music/detail/comhaltaslive_242_4_billy_mccomiskey_plays_button_accordion other players like lots of whistles and this one can play along very nicely with a range of tinas from the tenors to the big basses such as Dirges http://acclab.com/accordionlab/mall/preown/PaoloSBC/paolosbc.htm This sounds like a familiar fellah - anyone heard him play his Elite II? :rolleyes: and, irresistibly, hear the richness of this (it's a modern Folk )
  15. I'm deflated! I was expecting to see le Pétomane peforming off the end of the harbour wall in Dieppe!
  16. Amazingly, tonight's BBC Watchdog had Danny Boy playing in the background to a cowboy plumbing operation!
  17. yup - yr talking big bucks. Which is why insightandmind goes in and reopens the uploaded youtube file and apart from making it unlisted, removes all the option boxes: embedding, allowing to be voted on, commmented on etc BUt I found last week they have put "syndication" in there BUT you cannot turn it off. I think previously it said allow/do not allow syndication/embedding on radio and tv. I have not been able to refuse the present "syndication" nor can I find a note about its import. In other words aggregators and resellers will try to flog on (syndicate) to other advertising payers in differrent languages, zones, product areas....
  18. Forget everything else. Just download WinFF . If you are really computer literate download FFMpeg . Both FREE. Enough F's for you? Off to the Battlestar Galactica library (on the fffooood restaurant level) to find that ffmpugging software and ffffffind ifffff I can fffffforce it to work. tks Wes. looking good. better quality - I can see it reduces file size quickly from say 200MB of HD TV quality video to perhaps 30MB of WMV, tho does not lose as much quality as previous edffort with "anyvideoconvertor"
  19. Thanks for ABC Tallship (I am still getting a note, courtesy of nosey Google about what you are watching on youtube.....) Chris' find gives it personality and has set me off searching for the words, as Mary and Anahata make it sound like a nice, paced piece to sing. The lyrics allegedly here but not popping up yet (though I see our John Offord from The George popping up all over the place. http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=62201 K
  20. Forget everything else. Just download WinFF . If you are really computer literate download FFMpeg . Both FREE. Enough F's for you? Off to the Battlestar Galactic library (on the fffooood restaurant level) to find that ffmpugging software and ffffffind ifffff I can fffffforce it to work. tks Wes. BTW under Mark's software (you see, I have forgotten the name already) there were several file name types to choose under such as with HD suffix but they seemed to require six or seven hours to convert a GB or two.
  21. Nema problema. You record Londonderry Air (alas u doing yr culture of the personality again -- this time it weren't you got the ball rolling but it was recorded at one of the slots in the Swaledale concert in May this year). Anyway... You put it up on YOutube. The sound scanners pick up the melody and label it Danny Boy (which of course uses the older tune Londonderry Air). Rumblefish or the weird outfit in US which sounds like one of the UK musics rights collecting societies, then send you a message saying: We have the copyright or are acting on behalf of the copyright holder on that music you put it. The phrasing that follows is meant to put you off complaining, you maye lose yr uploaud facilities, your youtube account ARE YOU SURE YOU WISH TO PROCEEED WITH THIS .... Most people scuttle away. Then Google pays these outfits money everytime your recording is played back. BUT it is really you who should be getting any revenue from that, not these shysters, because although the score may by 200 years YOUR recording is brand new and YOU have copyright as you played THAT version of the out of date dots. If your version of DB or LD or your real favourite the Lost Chord (LoL) become the version which everyone looks at on youtube when looking for those, and you start to get 10s of 1000s of hits, then Google will start sticking ads from companies on your video (and that of course is where the commission comes from for these shysters (who frightened 'one' off) as they claim your video revenues. go back and look at the attachments and you will see what I sent them in the formula and you will see the response which says they have 'released' their claim - that is stopped claiming copyright). And so the third party copyright claim on InsightandMind's account for that video has now been removed/disappeared. Have tried before to get lawyer contacts out of Google but it fobs you off and then says it has nothing to do with Google, contact the rights' claimers ..... but there are no addresses for these mysterious outfits. For anyonje else reading this I won't leave the response attachment up for ever as it is rather large - so you can copy and save if you want. and BTW - always keep screen shots of these things - they are your evidence for later. Just as we ALL always do a screen shot of dodgy concertinas from fleabay so others can see what the dodgy tina looked like before we report it and the photo disappears so you cannot recognise it next time it comes around... AND the latest thrilling instalment - they have tried to claim copyright on the all night jam in the lounge at Grinton Hall.. This time for Radio Polka. Anyone recall which Radio Polka that might be.. there are hundreds of polkas on radio! It is said to be a Harry Fox composition, but it is also being claimed by the Harry Fox Agency (a rights claimer which allows you to play music on school buses if you pay for the licence). We presumably would not be licensed to have fun, sitting in the back seat a kisssing and hugging with Fred.....singing of course. http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=79058 (See attachment for more screen shots) oh dear - my 1Mb plus 900kb has turned into Used 9.93MB of your 9.77MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 1.95MB)
  22. Google and copyright payment nickers, (on utube) back down - hurrah
  23. Ello Ello Ello -- knowledge is power - when everyone gets to know that there is a Jeffries laying under some rubbish in my local charity shop then I am absolutely sure I ain't going to get a good deal on it and it will go way beyond my means. So worthwhile thinking whether you tell anyone before the sale is over. Or just tell your mates whom u know may want something. If this IS a grey Paolo (as opposed to the other part of the family (Settimio) and it is from the right period, then some professional Irish players (it is Italian by the way, not Irish) will pay a bomb even for such a "melodeon (Frenchies call 'em accordeon diatonique -sans accents) in bad condition. It is allegedly about the sound and reeds why some players think it is so good. They would deduct it against tax from their gig income. So the delicate issues to be tackled is when to keep your bellows shut and play shtum (no recrimination Conzertino, but you can see how the price is leaping up!) (Dont tell anyone but Dirge confided to me over chish and fips at ECMW where Chas and Dave feed with Del Boy, that he Dirge buys his instruments like painting by numbers - the more buttons the more desirable :rolleyes: I could well have bid on the Leggit-Quick-before-the-Fuzz-Crabb=us harmoniumn but I thought best leave it alone and let our our smart-eye of this Parish have the pleasure of getting a solo bid win -- and now we are having lots of interesting chat generated by his 5.50 acquisition. I had a killing on a mini accordion with keyboard last year, in its original cardboard box. No one had spotted it and I won it for peanuts with only bid. It cost me more in fuel to go saaf of the rivah Thames to collect it. Although I even kept those costs down as it easily fitted into my mobike backbox, and no congestion charge to pay. By killing I mean I ended up with absolutely atrocious rubbish - there I was - chugged to the maximum and not as smart as Ithough. The young lady who had put it up for the charity shop had hyped it unknowingly with all kinds of antique attributes. I always say everyone can grasp music if they are able to talk in normal cadences. But she may have been the exception that proved the rule when it came to 'plays well'..... Fortunately it was peanuts( think it was a 10er)! I am keeping it as a (free) prize for some weekend event for the most adventurous tunemaker.
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