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  1. I was the miserable old git sitting in the left hand corner :-( What tune are they playing. It sounds like something I should be able to get my fingers around. David I think its called 'the valiant'.
  2. Room for the instruments then, eh LDT? See you down there (subject to no further illnesses /ailments cropping up). bed for each instrument.
  3. I'm booked into the premier inn...and sent off for ECMW tickets today. For some reason even though I asked for single room...they've given my a 'family room'????? Oh well....room to spread out. lol
  4. I keep intending on trying some busking...but have never quite got the courage to do it on my own....and have yet to find someone who'll busk with me locally. (I have had someone say they'll busk in London with me...but gotta get that arranged) Plus the rules for local high street last time I emailed seemed...well confusing. The had 'no policy'...so they couldn't say yes or no if it was allowed.
  5. Realized I missed uploading this vid with the others...
  6. I found the jeffries duet quite logical...but then I'm an anglo player....and a bit mental. Ralphie, you still owe me a squeeze of your duet.
  7. Spotted you in the afternoon class. I was sitting at the back. It was so nice that this year I could actually 'keep up' didn't have that feeling of falling behind I usually do at workshops. Took some photo's and videos from the day...if anyones interested. pics http://smg.photobuck...%20more%202011/ All videos are 'unlisted' which means you can only see them if you have the link. Ceilidh at lunchtime Stepdancing Showcase Mary & Anahata Simon Care Liam Robinson French Tunes Nicky Stockman Paul Scourfield
  8. Here is me playing 'bold Fisherman' on the concertina. I'm proud I worked out the tune all by myself without looking up the dots. Bold Fisherman http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=44670
  9. Had a look. Well I started to learn the fiddle 9 months ago....and I would say they are about equal on difficulty but fiddle just pips concertina to the post as my inotation is rubbish I still sound like a cat in a mangle...but at least not as much as I used to when I started. lol
  10. I'm hoping to go. If I can find a way of getting there for £100 or less using only public transport I'll do two days...otherwise I'll only be able to do the Saturday (subject to nagging pursuading mum to drive me). Looking forward to going though. It will be my first time.
  11. Alan since you mentioned it have been trying to play the 'problem' bars over and over to make them better. Thanks Shelley.
  12. There's a thought...Airfix concertina's.
  13. My attempt at Cheshire Waltz http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=42753 I did loose my place at one point and just kinda...improvised....hope its not too obvious. Comments Welcome
  14. Great start. I will be going to melodeons & more too so if you want to try my Tedrow concertina come and say hello.
  15. Of course if you are loaded with booty you'll need to call at Custom House in order to make it a legal move. Or else get off at St Pauls for the Old Bailey.
  16. I will email you a D version Al Ooh, thanks Alan.
  17. And here are the true experts and founders of the game playing... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ZeqeFIj7g
  18. In memory of his fair wife and great player of the game, Countess Marie Anna Ludomilla Euphrosina von Arco, I will ignore that! :D :D OK - hold on to you hats - I'm going for it........................................................Damn! Missed! Camden Town :( Using the Northern line quickstep double jeopardy move....Moorgate
  19. I was gonna ask what key you are playing in. I've got the dots for the tune in D.
  20. It's a tune I'm trying to learn to play on fiddle. Might try playing along with your video as I have a tendency to speed up and slow down all over the place.
  21. You can't miss it. Its in the cafe bit...I chickened out joining in at the time...wasn't feeling confident enough. But I'd try it now.
  22. Have a care, Woody, I'm considering writing your name in my Little Yellow Book. Chris I'd make a suggestion regarding what you can do with your book, but I wouldn't want to shock Samantha Time for a cup of tea I think - so it's off to the Tea Guild's 'Top London Afternoon Tea' award 2010 - The Palm Court At The Langham. To get there I'll go via Elephant & Castle and Knightsbridge - better known as "Lyttleton's rough with the smooth 2 for 1 shuffle" - before arriving somewhat worse for wear and significantly poorer at Oxford Circus. After having a look round the shops heading to hollaway road to buy a retro swing dress.
  23. I think the link should say 'youtube' not 'utube'
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