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  1. I guess the point would be to do anything BUT rock and roll. Chariots of Fire would be funny, I thought. You have fun too, Mr. Lucas! Russell Hedges
  2. Wow. It's so nice to find that kind of response to your playing, isn't it? I wonder if he could smell the leather of the bellows. I have been taught that in teaching or training, appealing to as many senses as possible improves the learning. Hearing and touching for your new friend, at least. Touching, tactile and emotional. Thank you for sharing your story. Aquarussell Russell Hedges
  3. Hello. Would anyone like to play as people run by us at the Rock N' Roll Marathon June 1 2014 in San Diego, California? This would be entirely unofficial. I did it a while alone last year, I thought it was fun. Does anyone have the dots for Chariots of Fire? Russell Hedges Aquarussell
  4. Where should I go to order valves for my Lachenal? I have a failed valve (D above middle C) and both reeds sound together. Thanks, Aquarussell Russell Hedges
  5. I have seen those on eBay. I should have realised that they are Anglos from the strap, but I see they also have different notes on the push/pull as well.
  6. Hello all. Sailed out after the Star of India, and played when the Captain allowed. My fellow passengers enjoyed everything, the crew especially liked when I played South Australia! We spent a tack towards Point Loma eating lunch, I played, ending with Amazing Grace, as the yacht the Amazing Grace had come out to see the Star. The sea was very calm, no spray over the bow at all. At the end of our little voyage, the Captain suggested that there was a perpetual shortage of sail crew, and that any passenger who wanted to work a sailing vessel and not get paid show up Sunday mornings and be trained to the task. I have to thank all you people who offered suggestions and encouragement. "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolute nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." With perhaps the possible exception of simply playing the Concertina just because you enjoy the music. Russell Hedges
  7. Thank you everyone. I expected a few people to come to my aid with ideas, I did not expect this deluge of information! I am going as a passenger on this trip. The last time I went out on the Californian I took my concertina and played it, with permission, and as long as I wasn't in the way of the crew. I am not paid to play, but if they have a pro group abord you can bet that I will be taking notes. If not, I will do my best to please. Perhaps I could play the gaps when they are resting between sets. In any case, all the advice, from dance music to Spongebob, will be greatly appreciated and taken. Last September during the Tall Ships Festival I played aboard the Surprise (the very ship from the movie Master and Commander). I was thanked by a woman who told me "Thank you for not dressing like a pirate". I simulate Jack Tar, does anyone know where I can find white fall front trousers of cotton duck or some similar material? Or a pattern? I know a docent for the maritime Museum who plays fiddle, and her husband is sail crew for the Californian and the Star of India. He will be on the Star this Saturday and Monday, in the rigging. Perhaps I could join the museum someday. I will enjoy the event, and I will play as much as I can, and joyfully. I have all my life admired those who make music, and feel that I am lucky to play at all, and have been surprised and gratified over and over again by the way people accept my twiddling on my little concertia. And the friendliness of you people here on Concertina.net. Thank you all. Everyone, have a great weekend!
  8. Thank you everyone for you tune advice, I am taking it. I got started with the Concertina because it seemed such a nineteenth-century instrument. I was already dancing the nineteenth-century dances, mazurka, schottische, hopsvalse, redowa, etc, and still do. I will take the dance music advice to heart, while still playing the expected sea tunes as well. Perhaps I should take the Jackie for this trip? I have waded in the surf and played it, years ago, and still no rust today. Are the Jackie's Chinese reeds just more corrosion resistant than the old nineteenth-century steel of my Lachanal? Are brass reeds more resistant to sea air than steel ones? To everyone who posted to this thread, you have been most helpful and kind. Thank you, Aquarussell Russell Hedges
  9. Hello, I am to be sailing on a wind powered replica of a 19th century ship the California this coming Saturday (November 9 2013) to watch the Star of India (originally launched as the Euterpe from the Isle of Man in 1863) sail for her 150th birthday. http://www.sdmaritime.org/ I only know a few sea tunes; Blow the Man Down, Donkey Riding, South Australia, Dreadnaught, and trying to learn the Sailor's Hornpipe. Is Rambling Sailor a sea tune? Is there anything else I should be learning? What is considered essential? Thank you, Russell Hedges Aquarussell
  10. 12:23AM? Wow! And I think that it's nice of you to include an english app too. I don't expect that you see many people selecting that one, considering the ten to one Anglo to English ratio. Thank you, Russell
  11. The 1988 movie "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" Pippi plays an Anglo. Actually, she obviously doesn't play it, but it's in there.
  12. Ah well! Too late now anyway. Thanks! Russell
  13. Oddly, there were two low-ball bids on it when I bought it. The buy it now price was too high? I don't think it was, but the low bids were probably just wishful thinking. On eBay I often bid my true maximum, and get beat out by someone who jsut wants the item more than I do.
  14. It arrived today. It's beautiful, light, and it plays. The top button, is it supposed to be an air valve? Thank you for posting about this concertina on eBay, I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't. Russell Hedges Aquarussell
  15. Did I post this before? http://mixlulu.deviantart.com/art/boy-playing-concertina-369821044 Aquarussell Russell Hedges
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