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  1. missed the most of the keys don't make a note part.. Oh Well. I am not in the market for a fixer upper.. And the leather looks like it is probably cape buffalo. very strong and supposed to be fairly water resistant.
  2. hmm... Not at all traditional, or over classy.. But, I like it. And.. I am in the market for an EC...
  3. Mark, Yes that is a consideration. I have been in contact with R Morse and that is an attractive way to go. I am just torn between going the inexpensive route (jackie), or going for a jump up the food chain while I actually have funds available. Is the feeling that the Stagi is just a non starter then? As always, thanks for the advise!!
  4. Any advise on this one?? Finally sold off some gear on Craigs and have $1k to spend on an English. Any strong reccomendations? It would appear that the options immediately available are: Jackie @ 350 with the trade up option. Stagi 30 or 48 button 650-800, Button box has new and used.. Or Lark in AM has a used Lachenal for $900. Or hold tight and wait for something else to pop up? Thanks in advance!! Sean
  5. I actually did try the urge to play before the urge to buy, once... it was a tuba.. I marched around my house, puffed up my cheeks, made silly faces and twiddled my fingers a lot. It did not have desired result I had in mind. I even went as far as marching around the yard doing all of the above whilst yelling OOM PAH OOM PAH. The neighbors called the men in the white coats with the butterfly nets and the advised me that unless i actually HAD a tuba this behaviour was looked on rather badly. The told me that if I continued they would subsequently cart me away to place where i would be able to play my magic Sousaphone anytime, day or night. They said that I would given magic pills to make me a better tuba player but, I would also be forced to wear a football helmet. as the football helmet really didn't fit well into the marching band theme, I passed.. It was further stated that under massachusetts law it was actually illegal to impersonate a tuba player in public without either special license, or a tuba.
  6. hmmm. I DID have a Stagi duet, I traded that and my rochelle for the ac norman that I currently have. While the sound was nice, it was rather difficult to play, in terms of bellows, reeds and buttons. While a better duet might be something to consider, I think the 1k ish price range rules out just about anything but the stagi. If only Wim would put together a Jackie type duet, I would definitely jump on board. I found that the Rochelle was much easier to play than the stagi. But I really did like the melloness of the stagi sound.. and I have to say that everytime I see Professor Rat's Roslin Castle I can not help but to be completely awestruck...So I am still leaning toward the EC. The Jack/ie probably would be the best way to go initially financially. But I'd also hate to be wanting to trade it a couple of months after having sold it while, I may be able to put together enough $ for a step up initially..
  7. Need some advise/ clarity/ reality check or just a plain slap upside the head.. I have pretty much convinced myself that "I NEED" to buy something new. I have a bunch of stuff that I have been trying to move on Craigslist and up until recently had been pretty sure I was going to put at least some/ most of the procedes toward an English concertina. "THE PLAN" was in place. All that needed to happen was sell off a few thing and all would go like clock work... Then, the CL gear has not sold so quickly. A bunch of stuff is still lingering waiting to be sold. So, then while looking at the ECs (lustingly) I got distracted and side tracked by.... a melodeon (could it be that there may be another vying for my attention??)... So, here I am still looking and now I am torn and confused. I have been playing Anglo. And still leaning toward the EC, but there just seems to be something unsettlingly complelling about that spiffy mother of tiolet seat in a mutlitude of colors... And as an aside, assuming @ $1k to spend..Any suggestions? On the English, is 30 buttons enough? Should I be looking at 48?? Thanks!
  8. In the land of Boston.. It is generally a bacchanalian celebration.. Where they serve Both types Guiness AND Green beer! Most bars will get any sort of semblance of an Irish band... I knew a very Jewish guy that plays in a klezmer band, but they will break out the Irish tunes once a year to get the bar gig and have a break from Bar-Mitzvah circuit.. I think his name is Sheldon Mc O'Goldfarb (at least on St. P's he becomes Irish and nobody seems to notice or mind). The younger people tend to over do it rationalizing that it is Good to be sloppy drunk on this day. Which in hindsight, may be the reason for the "offical holiday". We do have a parade.. Well, did. Do we still, I am not sure any more? The LGBT people demanded to be included in the parade and that has pretty much killed it. And also, to add insult to injury, it is a State holiday of "Evacuation day". In context of St. Patty's you can draw your own conclusions.. Lots of corned beef is served.. A non Irish tradition that was adopted by the Northeastern Irish from the NY Jews, presumably as a substitute to an Irish Pot roast? It is a holy day of obligation. So, those of the Catholic persuasion will generally go to mass.. Bostonians, does that give a glimpse?
  9. Juliette, where on your site is it?? I just took a look and did not see it. Thanks for all the hard work!!!
  10. I would also echo the above question about an Anglo tutor in the Boston area. But, also add, could you refer me to a UP tutor in the boston area as well??
  11. you are absolutely correct. It is the same one. I guess I will chalk that up to getting old and senile as well as having a memory like a seive.. as a follow on question though.. assuming good playable condition. For roughly the same $$ would one reccomend this over a Jackie??
  12. Hi All, There is listing on ebay for a 30 button English. Does anybody have any knowledge of this model or this one specifically? playing anglo now but, looking to give an English a try. looking at a used or maybe a Jackie, and as it's in the same price range... . Any strong feelings here? thanks in advance!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Wheatstone-Mayfair-Eng...1QQcmdZViewItem And as the seller is listed as Squeezebox99. If you are a member here please feel free to to respond with any specifics or more pics. Thanks!
  13. hmmm odd... I pronounce it Woo-Burn. But i have ALWAYS been corrected by Woburn people as the correct pronunciation is Wooo-bn.. no vowel there. Kind of like Pee-bdee..
  14. Born, raised, learned to drive here.. I have never thought twice about driving into Boston. I have always considered cutting people off an art form. And I have always considered being cut off as high praise for my driving ability.. No turn on red signs?? what are those for? I thought red lights were just for the leaf peepers and did not apply to us, more like a guideline or suggestion.
  15. As an add on here, would you be interested in trades of any sort?? I just posted some gear that I would like to trade for an English, if there is any interest let me know.
  16. Hi all, I am at it again. I am looking for an English of some sort. As a beginner, I am not looking for the top end of the spectrum. Just looking for something that I can learn on and that will last me a while. As there is a bunch of gear here I am interested in mix and match, all or partial trades or whatever deal we can put together for whatever tina it is you have going unloved.. All gear is in Worcester mass (USA) area and I would welcome interested people to have a look in person. Links to ads with pics below.. Email me or message me with offers or ideas... Thanks sean Weissenborn, new b stock with case: http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/520582600.html fixer upper leslie 120 speaker http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/520588957.html like new mutron phasor http://worcester.craigslist.org/msg/520589790.html Chapman stick rose wood like new . http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/msg/520590930.html
  17. Do you have any idea what you would like to get for it?? Also, can please let you me/ us know approximately where you are located, to consider shipping? Thanks1
  18. But I don't see any mention here of that unique Boston mystery, the flashing green traffic signal. Maybe I can help out on this one... that flashing any sort of light means.. "What light??" or stictly optional. And if you see somebody stoping or taking any sort of action aside from blowing through it. then that is a warning to all of us natives to be on the lookout for that driver as "they ain't from around he'ah", probably one of those scary driv-ahs from Rho-Dye-Lyn... Jst my 2 cents.. And Yes, I do live south of Woooostah and north of Uxbdridge, where as far as i can tell I have yet to see ever one Ux anywhere.. never mind one "goin' ovah any wicked pissah bridges on the way to the packie", but, I digress..
  19. Hi All, I recently picked up an AC Norman from Bob Tedrow (thanks much Bob, by the way). But the bellows seem to be kind of more stiff than they should be. I am not quite sure how describe it other than they just seem more stiff than *I* imagine they should. This is very subjective and had to quanitfy or to diagnose without first hand experiece, I know. But, that being said, as the bellows appear to be all leather. Is there any potential harm in treating the bellows with some sort of leather conditioner to soften them up a bit? is there any reccomendations? maybe saddle soap/ mink oil or something that could be reccomended without potential harm? thanks! sean
  20. Probably a stupid question.. But are the keyboard layouts (i mean button positions and spacing, etc.) the same on all/ most duets? If they are, wouldn't a midi be a great way to go? just alter the map from Hayden to crane to mccan etc? Is there anything out there that does that? just a thought and a nice way to try all of the possible combinations
  21. I am leaning toward a jack(ie).. But also don't want to miss out if there is something that will be better longer term.. the trade in is appealing as well. Just a clarification though.. You mentioned Jack as opposed to Jackie. Is the Bari better than going the tenor route??
  22. Ok, getting kind of close here and exploring some English options.. Leaning towards the Jackie. But, here are the questions.. I will be dealing with a limited budget. $300 (jackie) is good but could probably stretch a bit, maybe $600 possibly as much as $1000.00. That seems to put me at: 300 jackie/ 600 stagi/ 1000 other (used). The first question is how many buttons does a newbie need? Is the 18b Mini a good starter, or something that I will want to keep instead of trading up (like a jackie)? Is the jackie the best route to take and ultimately look at a trade up ( e.g. Albion). Is 30buttons enough, should I look to start at a 48 b Stagi? Just say bag it all and wait for a 48 button lachenal at the 1000 ish price?? As always input is appreciated, and have a bunch of non tina gear I would be interested in trading towards an EC if you have one going unloved in your closet!!
  23. Hi All, I have seen a few pics and bits and pieces here and there about South African concertinas. Are there web sites about them? Links to manufacturers/ price lists etc? Starting to consider an English (or maybe a G/D) and if the quality and price is there maybe it make sense to look that route? Thanks!
  24. I have an ac norman c/g.. And to tag off of Dave's message.. It looks like I have just sold a very expensive gun, so, that should free up some cash for an English!!!
  25. "The other tip I might suggest for seanc is to treat learning Irish trad as you might learn a language." At this point I would agree as far as langusage.. However, rigth now it would seem that: as written is "this is a moose" while the spoken is "this is a mosse and his best friend is a flying squirrel, and oh by the way take out the garbage, do the dishes, wash the car and pick up a pack of butts on the way home". But, maybe it's just me and i am overwhelmed...
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