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  1. I also have to think that many of these instruments probably spent most of their nights and weekends playing in smoke filled bars and pubs for much of their lives. In many cases 100 yes and they don’t all smell like smoke
  2. I will actually amend this. smell is, of course, an immediate experience. And it is really not possible to quantitatively compare what it was like when I picked this up a few months ago to now. I will say that NOW the smell is definitely still there. But, the more I play it, there does seem to be some improvement. Again, it is tough to say in terms of x%. it would seem that just working the bellows and playing IS helping to get rid of the smell. The conundrum is that in an enclosed room after not too long it is not pleasant. So, you don’t play it that much, so the smell does not dissipate. but I do think that just playing it, over time will/ would sort it out. But it’s also possible that I am become used to it and there has really been no actual improvement.
  3. I know this may be a long shot, but throwing it out there. looking for an Aeola, New Model, possibly Edeophone. If possible, I’m looking for a local transaction. In Worcester area willing to take a ride. Have $$. Or if interested a 50s era Wheatstone 3E that I can use in a trade + cash your way. prefer something that does not need work. But depending on what you have possibly open to something that just needs a bit of tweaking.
  4. All I can say…. so far no luck. I tried a bunch of stuff and nothing has really worked. There is probably some secret miracle cure. But I don’t know what it is.
  5. Yes to both BB and Greg Jowaisas! maybe “concertinas are cool” on Facebook as well. but as mentioned above. Post what you are looking for and where you are located and you may get results. I have posted my 3E for sale some places. But I am looking for a local-ish sell only. So not posted here.
  6. There are p, obviously, a lot of variables here. And I do not pretend to have a grasp on what is going on. what I can say is that I went there a year or so ago. And they had TONs of ECs. I went back a few months ago, and they still had about the same number, maybe a couple more or less. Some of the mid range @2k had shifted around, but the higher end 3k+ seemed like the same ones. then going this weekend. They had maybe 4? But the real surprise was that within a day or so they had sold both the $4 edeophone and the $5k Aeola. Leading me to ask the question if ECs are seeing a surge in popularity. i have had really bad luck with UPS and shipping. Ups destroyed a $2k bass and then refused any sort of claim, even though I insured in full. Due to “inadequate” packing. the kicker on that one, is they sent it to their, assessment facility (in ca). Judged that the packing WAS inadequate, then, they sent it Back to me in Mass.. with the same box and packing materials they judge to be inadequate! Seriously?! but also, had some issues with banging around from KY to Mass. causing a lot of anxiety and trips to Bob Snope at BB to sort out. such that I am really hesitant to take the leap and deal with shipping to or from the UK.
  7. Have English concertinas had a sudden burst of popularity? I took my Wheatstone 3E with a bunch of money to BB this weekend with the intent of trading and spending money. Unfortunately, when I got there there were very few ( not complaining here). The $4200 edeophone, had sold the day before and the $5200 Aeola had just been shipped out as well. last time I was at BB they had loads of EC in all sorts of price ranges. But I was not in that market at that moment. wow! Not complaing about BB here. Or, that nasty person that bought MY edeophone. But, genuinely curious as to if the EC is getting more popular? ‘Cuz COVID people are home and trying something new, branching out from Anglo? July is THE hot month for English etc? Anyone have any insight?
  8. Dana, funny thing.. getting the 21 out of the case, my butt in gear, and my fingers and arms practicing seems to have cured it. practice really does solve the issue.. i thought that was a myth!
  9. What is the consensus on humidity, humidifier or desiccant in the case? after having sat for a while. And it being really humid here for a while. My Wheatstone seems a bit sluggish and muffled. is that a humidity thing? Should I have desiccant in the case?
  10. Doug, congrats! I very much hope that BB continues. And continues at it’s current location. You and Bob have been awesome. And come to my rescue on several occasions! I really hope that BB goes on!
  11. Not sure if it’s useful or not.. here is a pic of my 1900ish Lachenal
  12. It seems to me that this is the same argument that comes up in the b/c vs c#/d melodeons. The argument always seems to be bouncy/ rhythmic vs smooth. but what it really comes down to is resources. It is far easier to find learning resources for a b/c box or a c/g ‘Tina. Liam Clancy seemed to get by and got pretty far using an EC on itm.. don’t be afraid to think different. And try something.
  13. So far.. I have had: plastic, bone (flat) and metal, both flat and domed. I prefer the domed metal. I have tried delrin think it is nice.
  14. My 55b Lachenal crane is up on blocks in the front yard of button box...
  15. My latest.. picked up in a trade for my Anglo Norman.. 48b 50s Wheatstone 3E.it is like new. But, as mentioned in another thread has a serious cigarette smoke smell. It sounds good. It plays well. But it is a TON slower than the 22.
  16. So.. got some of the bamboo charcoal odor eaters. They way it came was too big to fit in the case. So I had to open it up. Take out some charcoal and stuff it in there. I have the leather a very light once over. Just in case.. it has now been 2 days. And so far no noticeable improvement. I know that this is probably the painfully slow and unbearably steady process. But also the least intrusive. So we will see what happens. i will report back at some point.
  17. An interesting follow up. Went to bed last night.. the girlfriend says.. wow, I can smell cigarettes.. surprising how low long the smell just sticks and lingers. The room where this was played and stored is next to the bedroom. Apx 10-15 feet.
  18. I guess the question is.. would these pull the smell out of the leather?
  19. Interesting thought.. not sure where I’d buy ozone though. i am presuming that the person I traded this with was not a smoker. He was a younger guy. But we both had masks on... I am wondering if leaving out of the case for a few days may do something? But.. as it seems like the issue is when I close the bellows, it is like somebody is blowing smoke in your face. So not quite sure of how to get airflow inside?
  20. This is a new one for me! I did a trade yesterday. And I got a nice 50s era Wheatstone 3E. The issue is.. well, it kind of stinks. It has a stake cigarette smoke smell. Is there an accepted easy fix here? Throw a few Altoids in there and call it done? squirt of Febreeze? thanks!
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