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  1. Sorry, I've only just seen this! We're currently trying to figure out the whole customs/VAT situation as we've had a couple of instruments go to Ireland and the Netherlands and have huge Duty added on to them. We're trying to get in touch with UPS (who we use as our courier) to find out specifically what the rules and regulations are but no luck so far- I've spent days researching the rules but they're hidden well away! All of our prices include VAT. We are VAT registered so before Brexit there would have been no difference between our prices overall to UK or EU customers. Obviously we m
  2. Hi Michael When you say that the reeds are broken- is the metal snapped off/bent or are they just not making a sound? If it's the latter then that's a fix you could most likely do yourself (with some instruction!). If it's just a few pads and reeds you need replacing then I'd be happy to get that sorted for you. I imagine, from the sound of your post, that the concertina could benefit from a full re-padding/valving etc, but if you'd prefer to just fix the small things you've mentioned then it'd be a pretty inexpensive job. At Barleycorn we often have people come to us wanting to tr
  3. I always report these listings to eBay as soon as I see them, and the response time in taking them down always seems to be painfully slow. At least it was done before anybody lost any money!
  4. Thank you very much! Yes, we're not usually massive fans of Jones instruments but this one really is a lovely thing! The Lachenal is also a very interesting thing- it's very rare for us to come across such an early instrument that's in great condition and still plays well!
  5. Hi everybody, hope you're all keeping well. Just in case anybody is interested, we have given the Barleycorn Concertinas website a fresh (well overdue) update. I know a lot of posters here check our stock selection frequently for any rarities/oddities, so one of the new features is a mailing list which you can sign up to on the homepage! There are a lot of new features on the website, so check it out for yourself if you've got a spare 5 minutes! https://concertina.co.uk/ Hope you all have as Merry a Christmas as possible- hopefully 2021 will be much bette
  6. Thanks John- it's a bit of a difficult one in these parts, I'm more used to it being spelt wrong anyway! Thank you for the kind message 🙂 I'm really glad to hear you got the concertina you were looking for- I hope you're enjoying it regularly! Thanks so much Mike, you're a lovely man! I still need to come and visit the workshop when times are bit more ordinary! Thank you mate. Hi Ken, that's good to know- thank you! If I ever did post about the business it'd be about something significant as opposed to listing every individual instrument that comes in (unless it's a co
  7. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this so I apologise if it isn't! I'm Ciaran and most of you will know my dad, Chris. I'm currently going through a full concertina education and have found browsing this forum incredibly useful as a resource- what an amazing thing this website is, with so many incredibly knowledgeable people to learn from! I won't be using these forums to advertise Barleycorn at all, but if anybody ever needs to get in touch then my messages are always open. I look forward to carry on engaging with the forum, and to kee
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