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  1. I would have taken the risk and paid by paypal. Graham
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Jeffries-Anglo-Concertina-C-G-Tuning-Case-/220634776400?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item335edb8350 Why wasn't I looking at the right time. Graham
  3. Hi See this thread: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=11306 for skype lessons. Graham
  4. Thanks Michael, & yes G/D is Plan A, at least it is if Mr Prebble reckons the Reeds will take the extra weight! As for it's original Pitch, if only I knew by how much Concert Pitch moved, perhaps someone here knows, then I'd have a better idea of where it was before the pitch shifted. Cheers Dick I am only guessing, but if it went back to Jeffries for retuning to make it 3 or 4 tones lower they would have just fitted new reeds, much easier than retuning and they then could have re-used the original reeds. Graham
  5. Link to wheatstone archives http://www.horniman.info/INDEX.HTM . At a brief look I can't find yours, but it would appear to be around 1848 or 9. Interestings photos showing square ended reed shoes. Graham
  6. I think it is Keefe's/The Clog from Jacky Daly. http://www.thesession.org/recordings/display/212 Album listing from The Session. I can think about something else now and thanks for reminding me of a forgotten tune. Graham
  7. I have had both for many years, I play mainly G/D. The biggest problem for me with C/G is I can not play tunes like beginning of Soldiers Joy half as well as I can on G/D. So if you are mainly right handed I would stick with G/D. Graham
  8. Hi You have been unable to post files several times. It may be because you have reached the limit of what is allowed. Cheers Graham
  9. Ok, I am a UK based G/D player with no contact with true ITM players. My approach is to keep as much of the tune in the right hand as possible. I am playing in D on the G row on the pull for the bottom of the range. I find trying to add decoration around the top G most difficult. Please make comments. http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10612 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10611 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10610 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10608 http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=10607 These are from a recorded practise where I left the recorder (H4) going and then kept the best Graham
  10. So its one of those illogical concertina things (is there a reason why there is no logic?). lol! I get most confused if I change from melodeon to concertina and vice versa, it takes awhile to adjust. One thing to note: G row on right hand side of anglo is the same as the upper octave of the G row on melodeon. Graham
  11. I only know that Felix Castro, who is on Anglo International disc 3 plays Dippers and is, I think from Spain. Links on ''The Recorded Tunes Link Page'' are broken. Graham
  12. '' On concertinas, the reeds are mounted differently and there is usually some tendency towards side pressure on the long side of the window which can easily close even a moderate gap and cause buzzing or outright stoppage of the reed. Most reed shoes are slightly waisted so the only contact along the sides is near the tip and root of the shoe, but this is minimal and can be overridden by wood swelling. While it is quite possible to get clearances of less than .001" / side, I find any advantage is cancelled by much less tolerance for a reed that is not precisely centered, leading to blowing flat under pressure. Also very tight clearances can lead to too many calls for help when a customer's reeds start to buzz with a change in the weather. Dana '' This got me thinking: Why not just use paper packing for just the reed section of the shoe to close the gap. Seems to work, is very quick and is reversable. Incidently concertina I'm discussing is the one used for this post : http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php...st&p=101246 Graham
  13. http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8847 Rakes of Marlow http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8846 Parson's Farewell http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8845 Foxhunters http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8844 Musical Priest http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8843 John Locke's http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8841 Carolan's Welcome http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=8842 Flatbush this one breaks the rules, but would be interested if anyone has found some similar arrangements. All played on a 30 button mahogany ended Lachenal on the 2 rows, some retakes necessary when 2nd finger strayed onto alternate G/A. Recorded direct to mp3 to individual tracks with no edits using an Olympus LS-10 which is supplied with a handy remote control. Graham
  14. Thank you for your reply. I have a cheap 30 button Lachenal, maghogany, steel srews and inserts, but generally in good nick and quite quick, no warping ( you can test reeds without screwing down ). There are 1 or 2 reeds that use too much air ( the bellows travel doubles to maintain the same volume ) so I am about to try something. Thank you again for your insight, I will bear it in mind. Graham
  15. Video of stills showing one being dismantled with a harmonetta soundtrack. I hope it got put back together! Graham There are none on ebay at present.
  16. Whilst browsing harmonica tweeking sites I came across ''embossing''. A blunt tool ( eg. 7mm socket ) is used to draw out some brass from the reedplate to close the gap around the reed. They do that until the reed buzzes, they then ping the reed to break of the surplus and then repeat. I have removed reeds from the shoe, then shortened the tip, ground back to size on wet and dry paper, then reassemble and then tune to achieve same effect. It does work but when clamping screws shear off you wish you hadn't started. So has anybody tried embossing? Graham
  17. Hi Dan Just curious, in bars 7 and 9 you have dotted quavers under dotted crotchets. Is that correct? Graham
  18. There is a fourth. A friend has a Jeffries Brothers Praed Street with 4 fold bellows and shorter fatter buttons. Typical Jeffries sound but pitched in G a tone above a Tenor. Graham
  19. http://www.anglo-concertina.net/links.htm Graham
  20. Hi Just a quick reply; still a G/D ( 30 button Wakker 30 months old) with a little help from the birds and recorded on a H4. No emphasis on chord playing, but I do a lot of cross rowing and cross siding. Graham STE_003.mp3
  21. Lots of Playford tunes: Nonsuch, Childgrove, Parson's Farewell. In F ish but no Bs at all. Graham
  22. Would I be correct in saying that it matches the '' Late Chidley Duet System'' The notes G and A (assuming notes are semitone flat of those indicated) are next to one another. Cs stay in the columns with Gs etc. Graham edited to add It does breakdown in the top 2 rows
  23. Note chart is now posted on eBay. Seems to be in B flat. Graham
  24. Hi Danny Nigel Eaton wrote Adders Waltz ( this is the spelling on the cd sleeve notes ). Jean Blanchard wrote the first in the set. Cheers Graham
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