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    Anglo concertina in the English style<br />Old-time "Clawhammer" Banjo<br />English folk music<br />
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  1. Wow, that is wonderful, Marien, thank you. Best wishes, Taggart
  2. Right, I am now the pround owner of the Playford tunes, The Wild Hills o'Wannies and Three Extraordinary Collections, so I'm all set for the next decade! Many thanks to everyone who recommended these. Best wishes, Taggart
  3. Thanks, Mark, I will take a look. Best wishes, Taggart
  4. That is great. Thank you all for your help. The "Adieu to Old England" CD arrived this morning and I have just ordered the Albion Morris CD. I love the simplicity and directness of the playing, the crispness, the uncluttered playing style. I am going to run out of adjectives now. I shall go away and start using Amazing Slowdowner now! Best wishes and many thanks, Taggart
  5. Hi, I have just been listening to John Watcham's contribution to Anglo International, and I really like his playing style. Can anyone suggest where I might find further examples of his playing (preferably solo rather than in a group)? Many thanks, Taggart
  6. What a wonderful tune, Alan. Thank you for that. If you could record it on a C/G and send it to taggart[at]reiki-evolution.co.uk that would be great, if you have the time. Best wishes, Taggart
  7. Thank you all for your help, that is great. Yes, I do have Bb in my accidentals row, but this isn't just an exercise: I want to gain experience in playing tunes in these modes, and I wanted to add some more minor tunes to my collection since most of the tunes I have access to are Major. Best wishes, Taggart
  8. HI, I have spent many happy hours reading the messages on this forum and have found it to be a real mine of information. This is the first time that I have posted a message myself and I am hoping that some of you will be able to help me. I want to investigate playing Minor, modal, English folk tunes on my 30 button C/G anglo: Am Aeolian on the C row/scale Em Aeolian on the G row/scale Dm Dorian on the C row/scale Am Dorian on the G row/scale Em Dorian on the D scale I have just been through five whole collections of English traditional tunes and have only come up with a handful of examples, mainly in Am and Em Aeolian, a couple in Am Dorian and one Em Dorian. The only Dm tunes I could find were Aeolian, in the F major scale, with Bb, rather than Dorian with B natural that you could play on the C scale/row. So can any of you suggest some names of modal English tunes for me to look up, please? Many thanks, Taggart
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