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  1. Looking for a quality Anglo C/G, jeffries system, like Dipper, Edgley, or Jeffries. Eventually a swap or trade with a very mint and almost unused JrMartin Masterclass Bb Cajun melodeon (latter is also for sale) PM me please if interested? Jr.Martin Bb Cajun onerow
  2. Hello Gary, you're right about right ..... my right brain side must be still fighting to decide when to breath in or out too ...? Now i am quite an experienced player as in by ear, improvisation and the lot. Especially on fiddle, also melodeon a bit. Are there any anglo 'books' with practice tips how to learn to connect your brain to the awkward confusing note layout. F.i.: got a tip from Mike Rowbotham about getting used to Irish style by practicing the key of G alternating between the buttons b/c and d/e on the left side and c/b and e/d on the right hand to get the fe
  3. Reeds can be scraping the reedplate, usually accompanied by some metallic edge to the sound. Often disappears after some use as most reeds are clamped by a rivet and reset their position gradually over time. With large reeds i usually take them out, see if the reed moves freely enough, and if loose i center it, and hit the rivet hard with a hammer on an anvil. Valve problems can sometimes be a flappery sound, or delayed start of it. Some times the glue used for the valve an turn loose or dried out if its hide glue, as often used with older leather valves. New 'cheap' instruments us
  4. Not completely true as your account can be set negative by paypal ... paypal claims the rights to do so in case of a dispute and/or claim from the other party. Only after proper arbitraging you will get your money after all. F.i. some fraudeur buys an expensive camera, removes an expensive internal part, and starts a claim that it is not as promised and sent as defect. The fraudulent 'buyer' claims his money back, which paypal does immediately, and the 'buyer' sends you the camera back registered. It happened to me with an expensive electronic device, even after 'buyer'
  5. I found it, i used a right click, the result wouldn't unzip, but using the download link on the dropbox page did the job .... sorry for all the fuss, Don. Thanks PS as a beginner someone asked me what system is fitted to my Edgley C/G. Now i bought this recommended Gary Coover book, but my left accidental row seems rather different; on mine the top 2 buttons are C#/D# and the 2nd one one D#/C# (the book has A/G i think) ..... is that the Jeffries system then on mine? Finding the notes for a simple D scale, let a lone A, drive me nuts being used to a onerow melodeon and english con
  6. Hi Don, still won't open, 7zp and WINRAR ... downloads OK
  7. ah, thanks, well 36$ is not what i want to spend .... PS your Alan Day tutor zip file seems to be corrupted ....
  8. Pff, this darn scale of D. Not very much logic there, èh?
  9. Thanks, ordered Coover, momentarily fairly priced on Amazon.de (Germany). Bertram certainly adds some bandoneon flavor to his anglo playing, and the American tunes concertina book seems to be on sale now:
  10. Hi, as i am generally new to an anglo, but quite experienced on melodeon, EC treble (and fiddle Lol) i was looking at all those published tutorials. Now what might be a good one for a 30 key C/G with practical tips on how to come to grips with the system. Most seem to be covering all sorts of items i don't really need; as other keys and tunings, most with 50% of the book (DVD?) filled with pure beginners exercises etc. Tips welcome .. thanks.
  11. PS if you want to protect instruments at a drop, padding material IMO should not be too loose, the so called whiplash effect might cause damage too. Any opinions on styropor padding as with beer coolers?
  12. You must be pretty certain then that at your public gatherings there are no beer freeloaders about ...
  13. Paying by creditcard like visa is cheaper than paypal (latter usually 3,5% fee; ridiculously high for an expensive item), alas not too many offer payments by this system as option. Too costly at receivers end? Good thing with visa is that bought stuff travels insured for the value paid, and insurance is often extended for a few months. On a concertina that saves about 1.1 % insurance money as with UPS.
  14. As for general use mentioned: i like old time country fiddle tunes, 30-ies ragtime sting band music, and some old French tunes are nice, also old texmex & cajun trad. Seems that improvisation is less done with Irish music than with the above 'classification', in contradiction with this tough stuff: https://youtu.be/ZknSJwYdayI (i wonder if he ever broke a reed ..) PS i read somewhere (here?) that some modification for a 30 key anglo is: replace the d# on the push on the first button of the right-hand accidental row with a c# ..... Has any body done this? Prob
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