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  1. Using Wise is maybe Wise if linked to you creditcard. I used it OK, and so did a recent buyer from me here. In a question to my ICS visa the answer was, the money transfer itself is insured via your credit card, but NOT the value of bought items itself during shipping; you still need to insure the value separately of your shipment. Another scam i was confronted with: i recently booked a shipment via Parcel International for TNT express (tracking number and label prints provided). After 3 hours a TNT express collection employee showed up. Alas within a day the parcel disappeared from TNT's tracking radar. I claimed a lost parcel as it was insured by Parcel International, and repeatedly latter told me it was not collected according TNT. I had to provide proof of collection which is normally ONLY sent by email with many shippers as TNT, FedEx, DHL etc. Not in this case. So after a lot of disputing it seems the parcel was stolen by the employee, TNT denies still that latter might have been fraudulent. Even if i reported a witness who saw it all, and i provided photos of the labeled parcel and documentation. Besides that: very conveniently for them Parcel International suddenly removed all documentation about this parcel from their website. And they even invoiced me for this shipment. Paying? My foot. I filed a Police theft report as it seems the parcel is stolen as such. -- I had a similar situation about a year ago with another parcel broker, ParcelParcel, which' insurance finally paid up almost a year later after a lot of disputing and even threatening them with a lawyer. And this parcel was lost by FedEx according tracking in Memphis, and traceable as such. I am not using parcel intermediators any more as of now.
  2. Sold, comission will be paid to concertina.net
  3. Hello. Edgley C/G heritage; handmade reeds. Jeffries layout. Serial 431, recently tuned, with a sweet sound and in quite mint condition. Flightcase included 2500 GBP (2900 Euros) excl shipping. Bellows perfect, no damages, see last pic for bottom view. Located Netherlands, so maybe too expensive for UK imports due Brexit?
  4. Payments: when you link a money wiring service like Wire (transferwire formally) AND latter paid via a creditcard like VISA i wonder if payments to fraudulent sellers a covered?
  5. Brass bound? Can it be brass plated reed framework maybe? Brass used there sounds quite different, more overtones ...
  6. As experienced cajun melodeon player i was slighly used to diatonic. When my EC concertina got stolen i decided to buy an AC C/G instead. Boy, that was a brain trainer if you improvise a little like i am used to on fiddle etc. Took me 2 years to get into playing in D an A keys especially. Also in getting used playng the same note in- out on different keys for air efficiency, the same for chording. Glad i own a 7 fold bellows one, IMO a must for the latter. Get a Jeffries system if you have to start still and want to play fast Irish tunes in D. Anglo is far more expressive, also IMO.
  7. PS the Seth Harmon Anglo C/G is still for sale; AS someone asked this: for the UK price would be 1700 GBP excluding shipping (around 2100 U$D, depends on exchange rate for the USA). Reminder: it's professionally converted to Jeffries system from Wheatstone with the same Voci Amano branded reeds. For the EU on top comes 21% sales tax.
  8. Seth Hamon professional C/G Anglo, jeffries system. Tuned and modded from Wheatsone to Jeffries by Karel van der Leeuw. As new state. Fast responding and loud instrument, i played a few Anglo and English brands and this would be quite a fav for gigs. Only selling because of the wife complaining that it's too loud and i want to keep her happy .... PS EU import duties have been paid for, 2100 Euros, VAT invoice possible, or deducted for EU based VAT registered buyers. 21% less if sold outside the European Union, like the UK or USA. UK price 1550 GBP, USA 1970 U$D, shipping excluded. Shipping to UK and USA can be expensive; for safety i would recommend UPS or FedEx-TNT. Case included ...
  9. Hi Jake. Mitch Bramich' uses the same layout for jeffries throughout his book. see picture. As my heritage Edgley was configured that way i never thought there was an 'English' jeffries-style. And then i met with another Edgley, which had your layout LoL
  10. Recently i ran into some problems converting wheatsone to jeffries layouts, and got confused about the Jeffries layout versions around for a C/G (and G/D). My first Anglo was a heritage Edgley i bought from Mike Rowbotham, some 2 years ago. As i play by ear i never realized that the first two top row (3-1 and 3-2) were different on mine, than considered to be 'normal' for a jeffries layout. Official layouts according a few sites i found recently are different as fitted on mine, see picture below. (From Jake Middleton's site). With my Edgley the red and blue reeds were exchanged. Blue is were the red is (on the picture). I have a copy of Mick Bramich' book where the same jeffries layout is also used ... I got used to that layout, and found f.i. that playing tunes in D and A are easier with my swapped situation on a C/G. (I tried the unchanged version recently on an other 'normal' C/G jeffries.) Chording seems also a little easier ... (Then i was converting an old hybrid Edgley G/D, from wheatstone to jeffries, according the 'rules' with the help of reeds bought from Jake. A friend actually did the wood chopping and mounting job according these 'official' rules LoL. And i quickly i exchanged the two involved reeds.) Now the Q: what is considered normal, as i got used to the inverted (red-blue) situation and even found the official (?) jeffries version worse than the wheatstone system for fast playing without too much bellows direction changes.
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