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  1. Guess I'm a culprit. Being self taught doesn't help. I play one row and two row Melodeons and a Lachenal, and I find that one helps the other. Only just getting into cross rowing on the two row. I play across both sides of the concertina. Mostly melody line with the occasional chord on the left hand thrown in. I can sing along with this too. It's an accident if I hit the accidentals. Cheers Chas
  2. Strange Lester No concertina players interested. Or are they ?
  3. Friend = a) A person whose company, interests and attitudes one finds sympathetic and to whom is not closely related. An acquaintance, people with whom one is acquainted. Acquaint = To make familiar with. c.net and Facebook friends are really just, I would call acquaintances. I am familiar with you all, but my friends are really just a very select handfull. Sorry not to have been around for a while,(None of my friends missed me)but I've been busy with that other squeeze box thingy. Chas
  4. There's a letter missing in the link. Try this: http://frittendenfestival.com/. Jim I'll (we, my sympathetic lady and I)) will be passing through your town around lunch time on Tuesday 16th. on our way to Esbjerg ferry. Gavin. Sorry my friend. It was planned, but have to spend some time with daughter as well, whilst I'm over there..
  5. Yes. And Guitar and dare I say it, Melodeon. And spoons.
  6. And where will I be in March. On the 16th I'll be on the Esbjörg, Denmark to Harwich Ferry. 19th.Checking out one of Englands Oldest Folk Song Clubs SWINDON 50 years old !! 22nd. The George, Bradford on Avon. With Chris Timson and co. 25th. Stortfolk, Bishop's Stortford 27th. Melodeons & More, Mendlesham, Stowmarket, Suffolk 29th Waltham Abbey Folk Club 31st. Back on the ferry Harwich to Esbjörg, Denmark. And all for free. (Well I'm paying to be at Mendlesham)
  7. As for songs. They were from a psalm book with numbers. One was by, J.C. Bateman. Music from Salvation Army 1880 ! I managed to play along with a couple. She just played chords. Trying to add another photo. I keep getting - error uploading.
  8. Chris I looked at the Horniman stuff There was a gap in numbering 37'S TO 55'S http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD04/PAGES/D4P0010S.HTM The number was there alright. Of course my camera flash took that away. Been trying to put up some more photo's but there's a problem. However, I've a bit on Facebook.
  9. And yet you were so close to the old "Fairlop Oak" That you nearly made your own coffin. Thought this had Royal tendencies. Kingsbury
  10. Just seen this one in action. Still looks like new ! Salvation Army lady lives near me. Well 30 miles away. Was bought in 1962 in Stockholm for SEK 900,- (ca £100) I just saw that there was going to be "a Singing with concertina" announcement in the local newspaper. I rang the newspaper for information, as they had forgot to say where. I went along to this coffee and songs with concertina meeting in the Kungsberg Kyrke Church meeting. There she was in full uniform. I shewed her mine (Lachenal Anglo anno 1895) and she shewed me hers. Whetstone English number 46142. 48 button as far as I can see. Wot Ya Fink ?
  11. Try this Irene http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mornington_Crescent_%28game%29 Oooh is that a thread drift. I'll crawl back int my snow drift.
  12. So who is coming to this fabulous event? http://www.eatmt.org.uk/m&m.htm#Melodeons%20and%20More%202010 I'll be bringing a few of these T shirts with me.
  13. Trams ? They used to have them in London when I was a kid. Then the trolly busses took over. Ah ! Memories. Lovely . Thank you for that. Yea. Videoing. Well, guilty as charged. I was alone in the car. So it was I your Honour. One handed steering. Like when you are changing gesr etc. As for trams. In the very large towns. Stockholm. Goteborg. Malmö. they have them. Out where I am it's still the horse and cart.
  14. As the rain in Spain does. Yes we train it that way.
  15. With all the cancellation of events due to the weather conditions in England for the time being. I thought I’d post a couple of videos, to show how we manage over here in Sweden. We are quite used to snow at this time of year. This one includes some dancing.
  16. Agree with you Ralphie. Borrowed a Duet from Jim Lucas (I'm sure he'll be on here later) Couldn't get my head round it. I take my hat off to all Duet players. Tommy Williams of course.
  17. Loose change. Good name for a tune. Looks like a face on the left hands side of the tina. In the snow. Ghost of Kimber?
  18. And Ryanair would prefer you not to put anything in the hold and just have carry on luggage.
  19. Oh how we danced on the night we were wed We danced all the night 'cos the room had no bed.
  20. Further news on the concertina player in the Frost Tv detective program. Series "A Touch of Frost" with David Jason. Year 2002. Title "Mistaken Identity" a double episode. Had to wait until the next week to see the titles. Walter, a tramp with pram and dog. Is played by, Barry Jason. Doesn't look as though he is really playing the concertina. Just acting.
  21. I spotted one at the end of a David Jason, "Frost" detective program
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