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    I play a Wheatstone Aeola Treble and, to my deepest shame, any number of melodeons from Hohner.
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    Leafy Bucks, England

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  1. I have recorded my 500+ melodeon videos almost all using just a Lumix TZ series cameras with their built in mics, currently a TZ70. https://lesters-tune-a-day.blogspot.com/p/tune-index.html
  2. Not the case with your brand new Swallow but it is risky to take vintage boxes that use materials that are banned under CITES (tortoiseshell, ivory, some woods), this can end up with your box being confiscated and destroyed. https://www.musicinstrumentnews.co.uk/2018/06/08/government-dithers-over-fate-of-seized-cites-guitars/
  3. I use Newmoon Insurance they understand free reed instruments https://www.newmooninsurance.com/musical-instrument-insurance
  4. Whatever happens do not use beeswax, it will run everywhere and make a mess. You need proper reed wax. http://www.cgmmusical.co.uk/CGM_Musical_Services/Reed_Wax_Nails.html#1
  5. Feeling pleased with myself at having this tune learnt in D, go to a session to be told it should be played in C. I hate it when people say tunes 'should' be played in a particular key. Play it in what ever key you like the tune won't mind in the slightest. One caveat is for new learners who see a tune with one sharp and assume G when it's in Emin, OK if just playing the melody but really pants if they are playing chords as well.
  6. We have a slow and steady folk session on the second Sunday of each month at the Red Lion, Marsworth, Bucks, HP23 4LU - from 7:00 to 9:00. Fair few melodeons but at least one anglo and one English most months. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RedLionSteadySession/
  7. I alway look up on it as a delightful journey rather than a wade Sorry can't help with the tunes
  8. Charlie Marshall's your man, he can ship to the US and can supply small numbers of reed plates http://www.cgmmusical.co.uk/CGM_Musical_Services/Reed_Plates.html
  9. Take care using Bacon as the tunes are in the collected keys which, due to the dominance of D/G melodeons in morris, are not necessarily the keys that they are normally played in. ps Morris Side or Morris Team never Morris troupe
  10. My best guess is it an earworm from the C part of Trunkles Bledington http://lesters-tune-a-day.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/tune-251-trunkles-bledington.html
  11. This is just not true, for instance to day I have de-clubbed a Hohner Liliput Melodeon in Bb/Eb this entails change the gleichton reed that plays Bb/Bb to play Bb/C. This can be achieved by CAREFULLY filing the reed tip to thin the metal, moving a reed a whole tone is not for beginners but is eminently possible.
  12. D40s have accordion reeds and plastic valves and therefore don't suffer from leather valve problems. Could be a stray bit of wax sticking the valve down, a common enough problem. An accordion tech could cure this in minutes but it's probably worth asking them to set the reeds and tune them as well as in my experience of Hohner concertinas/melodeons/accordions these are somewhat random.
  13. Could be the bellows, gaskets, pads and a few other things as well. but as they only 'compress slightly and slowly' I wouldn't worry about it. Plus I would stop doing the 'sqeeze and no button pressed' as it does no good and could do harm.
  14. In the melodeon world we use left/right push pull nomenclature Example
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