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  1. Benjamin Joseph Peat was born in 1892 in Old Ford Road, Bow. In the 1911 census he was a labourer in a chemical works and living at 3 Oban Road. He was still at that address in 1912, but by 1918 was at No 104 until 1922 when he moved. He died in 1926.
  2. His Service Record shows him as being a Plumbers Mate at the time of attesting for the East Surreys in 1908. Apparently he deserted in 1911, and again in October 1914.
  3. You've fallen quite lucky with this chap. He was born in 1832 and died in 1916. He was a Seed crusher and oil merchant, it seems like a family business, his father William Flintan was a wealthy man...in 1870 Robert inherited his father's shares in The Great Western Railway. By 1891 he is describing himself as retired engineer & machine maker, my guess is the stamp is the company letterhead stamp, pity the bottom part can't be read. Photo from Ancestry. Article courtesy of The British Newspaper Archive. I think a nephew (possibly) William Houghton Flintan drowned in a boating accident at Margate in 1874.
  4. He was a bankrupt at one stage....his Grandson ...also Rock, may well have emigrated to the US around the time of WW1
  5. Just to follow this up Stephen, an article written a few years later said the initial patent lapsed in 1916. I'll post the article asap. Andy
  6. An expalnation from 1921 Further from 1927
  7. Hi All...it seems as though the idea lasted for a few years at least, this Ad was from 1927.
  8. https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/13367-whats-this/&tab=comments#comment-216354
  9. 10 years and one day to the last post, this article solves the issue...hope this is helpful, Andy
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