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  1. Pm sent on the off chance
  2. The danger as I see it, this early in the process is that there is a lot of room for "interpretation". Even in the Uk advice there are "you may be able to" comments, which tends to suggest it could be on the whim of the Officials as to what they will, or won't pass, unchallenged. There is Uk Gov advice that (even) working musicians can carry their personal instruments through Borders without a Carnet as long as they are in their travelling vehicle and that foot/air passengers certainly can ( by all accounts), yet at the same time other text suggests that for working musicians "kit
  3. I am not sure if this would apply given your intended itinerary, but were I leaving the Uk ( or travelling to, or through it ) to go to some - possibly most countries given the way we are being perceived within "Europe" which, like the Swiss, we have apparently become "disconnected" from by not being in the "EU" - I would have evidence of "prior purchase" before entering/leaving. A receipt....phone image of the instrument with a date verified picture in the home environment, or whatever to prove ownership, especially with a "new" instrument. It may be you have no intent
  4. I think you have one, Richard.....and mine has probably been made.....
  5. Hi Mike, this was not an advert to sell. It still isn't! But given your public post responding to a 'private' exchange, and to clarify re. your private critique and my subsequent rebuttal of the suggestion that it contained 'safety pins' for springs and had 'possibly saveable' bellows, I add the images you mention. As mentioned in the initial post, some of the quirky/short legged/armed original springs could do with replacing but that really does require specifically made "short" springs, one or two have already been replaced - as can be seen - with M. L-A ones. The leather 'do
  6. My wife has decided that, despite my best efforts and proactive encouragement she does not want to learn to play the Concertina. I am frustrated because she 'can' but really does not have the time or, more sadly, the inclination to work at it. I can not play it beyond some very simple 'dotting' of notes to approximate a tune and couldn't if I wanted to due to the same finger/hand problems that led to me putting the Crane down. It is a Jeffries Anglo 39k, it is in A/E ( not Ab/Eb) tuning and the buttons appear to be laid out in the same pattern, the requisite steps apar
  7. I know from a bit of Melodeon buying via Ebay.De that some sellers are very reluctant to sell to (specifically ) Brazil due to posting problems.....mind you, even pre January, as many were reluctant to sell to the Uk The CITES issue is a worry.....but it depends how - to some extent - you describe the item and how specific you ( or anyone else can be about the nature of the "Rosewood" and it's origins ( or otherwise ? ). There isn't an infinite amount of space on the form and by the time you have written, "steel, leather, felt, card, wood - hard"......you may not have space for 'r
  8. A random search of the 'Date my Lachenal' thread suggests Mccann 2184, dates to 1903. There isn't much of a gap twixt the two so probably within a year or so ( not knowing if 2184 would have been Jan or Dec production ? ) Mccann/Crane serials supposedly conjoined at 2700 (Mccann's) in 1910. A deeper search of the Lachenal dating thread might reveal a closer comparator but it's 14 pages long! or one can guess at the maths?
  9. As something of a 'nearly' one-off, would it be likely that Lachenal 'slotted' it in with the rising Mccann serial numbers ? Dowright's comments below would put it somewhere slightly younger than the Mccann & Crane serials being merged ?
  10. Your situation is a little different to the "new" issue of importing from the EU into the Uk, because there are no "new" rules, as such, for importing from SA ( or the USA / Oz / Japan etc ) The rules are still "the rules" that they were before 01/01. The "standard" International Form for Customs is a CN23 ( at that size/value ) but there is some info. to suggest that SA to UK uses a Form PP4, which may be the same in basic layout. https://www.royalmail.com/sites/default/files/CN23.pdf Either way, it should come with a Customs Tariff Number and description of the it
  11. It will make no odds that it was made in the Uk, and VAT will no doubt be charged given the value at a rate of 20%. The "balance" in the process is to weigh the "valuation" against the known VAT charge and the risk of loss/damage in the value declared on the CN23. ie. do you want to take a 20% value "risk" ? on it getting here in one piece compared to what you agree as the purchase price / your personal moral view of the cost of Concertinas ( as opposed to what they are worth ) and how the tax system works ? If you discount the purchase price to the value of 20% on the CN23, when you pay
  12. "We are making life simpler and fairer for all." Apparently it has been introduced to counter millions ( if not billions ) of Euro's worth of EU ( and no doubt Uk ) wide tax evasion via online sales. The Uk introduced - supposedly - the process on 01/01, early, so as not to have to tweak the rules again 7 months after leaving the EU. Having said that, I have received quite a few parcels from the EU in these first three months, all OMP purchases, mostly via Ebay FR/DE/IT. None have had any indication on the packaging to indicate VAT paid at source, none have indicated OMP pur
  13. In due course...... I have some Amboyna veneer that I can forwards 'Gratis' if the buyer would like to blend some in.....
  14. Mike's answer to the button cleaning problem is probably the best answer, ie. replace them ! but, if you wanted you could try making a strong/thick "paste" from Bi-carbonate of Soda or Baking Powder and water. I have had some success with this.
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