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  1. Does anyone know of any simple to pick up examples on video of how 'call and response' applies in playing - hopefully with a Duet - but adaptable to the Duet, if not ? 'Simple' to pick up / follow is important !
  2. Sprunghub

    Gap filling.....

    I have used the Milliput on projects. It is very easy to use - bi-coloured 'sausage' cut off a small length, incorporate outer and inner elements by working like Plasticene - for those who remember Plasticene - which most of us of the pre-Play-dough generation will. Works in well, cleans up well and goes off hard. For ultra strong fixes, including bridging, 'thick' Super-glue and Baking Powder is very good, but probably 'too' strong for a fix like that.
  3. Listed currently - appears to have some wear from use, https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-instruments/marcus-concertina/1328562737
  4. Sprunghub

    Folky Clothing Website

    Gerald Ratner would be proud of the User name of the Marketing Dept. 🤭 😂
  5. Sprunghub

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Dear Dowright, I have sent a query via PM which you may miss ?
  6. Cross referencing this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/C-Wheatstone-Concertina-No-1564-Vintage-Victorian/192800737798?hash=item2ce3d1ca06:g:er4AAOSwN3NcSFFp:rk:7:pf:0 to this http://www.concertina.com/chambers/lachenal-production/ the instrument offered may be one of the earliest examples out there, ie. next production ? That may, or may not add to it's value it looks very tidy ? if original.
  7. In some 1950's Wheatstone's it appears that the chamois is replaced by actual 'top-grain' leather for creating seals. Typical is the Crane Duet in a recent post. This may be as a consequence of a Chamois shortage for a period? Is there a view as to the efficacy or otherwise of using thin leather as opposed to chamois?
  8. Sprunghub

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    Or a No.6 ? if fitted with brass reeds, as stated ? Fully ornamented, but not tempered steel reeded ? for quieter playing but with the looks ? 6. Rosewood-NEWLY IMPROVED, ornamented throughout, silver-tip keys, fine and pure tone, rosewood box ... ... £7 0 0 7. Rosewood-Same finish as No. 4, with tempered steel reeds, rosewood box ... ... £8 0 0 8. THE PARAGON-Rosewood-Extra best finish, German silver keys, tempered steel reeds, which produce a rich, full, round, sonorous, and yet withal most mellow and flute like quality of tone, a combination never hitherto attained, rosewood box ... ... £10 0 0 9. THE INIMITABLE-Rosewood, same finish as No. 6, with tempered steel reeds, rosewood box
  9. Sprunghub

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    I think, that bearing a label which reads "Manufactured expressly FOR Joseph Higham, Manchester", there is no deceit, actual or implied by the vendor, back in the day. It is far more opaque than many Lachenals that bear labels implying that they belonged to a 'Maker' as opposed to simply a vendor/retailer. It seems to have been was a common practice with ( at least ) many stringed instruments too, but very much so with concertina's. A current Anglo case in point........https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-instruments/anglo-concertina-/1326888756 You have probably found this ref. to his Brass instrument factory and sales. http://manchesterhistory.net/manchester/gone/higham.html I wouldn't take it as read that he manufactured Harmoniums, despite the last reference.
  10. Sprunghub

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    You have probably answered your own question/s ? Higham had a shop in Manchester, he sold Lachenal concertina's bearing his shops label, as it seems did just about every other 'Dealer/Shop' throughout the country at the time ? there may be nothing else to discern ?
  11. Sprunghub

    Parsons Farwell ( to timing! )

    Hi RAc, it is a 5 fold bellows.....it is a small 'Triumph', Salvation Army model. Wolf - for me to have an understanding of rhythm and harmony 'to' shift would be a bonus !!😂It is - I know, very, very basic - even when it is roughly "right"! Achieving that 'extra' / grace note, off piste, illustrative work may take me for ever. Was your recording on a Duet or an English ? I am currently fairly 'locked on' with two notes ( of a chord ) on the "left" hand side whilst playing melody over the top on the right. I have tried some of single note left hand stuff , walking up the chord notes etc and it works ok but getting the 'right' note ( on the left ) as opposed to the pair, whilst getting / moving along with the melody is muddling - as is finding the correct 'single' note/button to go for, or pair. I can repeatedly play it as fast as I like on the right hand for the tune, but it's getting both sides working together that creates the glitches and 'required' me to slow it down and "try" to tidy it up for the recording. Given that a few weeks ago I couldn't pair the sides at all, nor find the next right note and have to do it all by muscle memory, I'm happy to keep cracking on. Ultimately, I am not too concerned about learning 'tunes', I really want to be able to create simple accompaniment for singing solo with the instrument. Even to the point of simply holding a chord ( or partial ) beneath the voice with the odd run of melody. On tunes, it tends to go "ok" until I start 'thinking' about it, ie. at the change from A to B and stopping.....as soon as I 'think' the fingers tie up and the flow stops. I have been here before.....I had the same issues with Mandolin and then chord strummed guitar changes and then starting finger-picking......I could sit for hours 'nailing it', over and over ( and over ) then as soon as I tried to record myself to analyse the tone/timing etc, the red light effect made it all go wrong. All part of the experience.
  12. Sprunghub

    Duet concertina value?

    RCR27 - I have put a clip on of what mine sounds like - would be better in the hands of someone more competent ! It's in the playing section. A poor attempt to emulate Little John's work, but getting better with time.
  13. A first attempt at a recording on my little Crane, with both hands !! and several fingers working at once in something like a synchronised fashion. Occasionally 'tied' due to the 'red recording light' nerves. It's a bit funereal, but most of the notes are in roughly the right order. Dedicated to those beginners who want to know if it is worth undoing the screws on a broken and rusty box and having a go - no doubt others will be best judge ! https://clyp.it/rsb3e03g
  14. Sprunghub

    Duet concertina value?

    ....the seller having paid end of listing fee's on a £99 "sale" rather than the % of £325 he owed to Ebay. If rcr needs a bit of leverage it might be useful. The chap has an into the 1,000's history of all sorts and looks to me to be someone who buys locally from Sales/Auctions then re-sells to a WW market via Ebay. An honourable enough past-time but generally without much knowledge of some of the items at hand. He has an EC listed currently at a sensible enough price. Sadly, it does look a big job to take on. Major metal issues and extensive 'bellows' work would probably put me off. ...although bellows making is on my radar should I need to learn for that decrepit 55k one which may, one day, turn up! The rest of it should be pretty much do-able. In case it helps, I have leather ( for straps ), almost a full set of springs - brand new from Mark L-A, and the 3mm ply ( to be reduced to 1.5mm ) to strengthen the ends. If you do decide to have a go, you are welcome to any of the above for a very negligible / discounted cost ( if not free ! ) You can borrow my tuning table too, if practical although I think you are a fair way off.