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  1. Sprunghub

    H.crabb Eglish Concertina From The 60-Ies

    I think that Ebay listing is 'fiddler2007' sale as mentioned in his post at 08.40am yesterday, not the re-sale of his lost/stolen instrument ? ( so not sinister in the context of the thread ) unless corrected.
  2. Sprunghub

    Stuck reed pan

    Did you 'gird your loins' and pull it yet ?......
  3. Sprunghub

    Stuck reed pan

    I doubt the pans on my Lachenal Crane had been out since 1920 something. One of 'my finger' or the pan was going to give first. Eventually it was the pan/s, and boy they let go with some vigour. I was amazed at how much 'energy' was required to get them to budge. If I had pulled in a gentle way like anyone would do I would still be pulling now ! The bottom line seemed to be that the 'fulsome' napped chamois 'above' where the pan sat - and had sat for the best part of a century had to be overcome to get it moving. That part where they rested was greatly compressed compared to that around the rim of the frame. The marvels of the original concept /design / materials.
  4. Sprunghub

    Crane Brothers

    To add to the sum of all knowledge......25654, is a McCann....as it turns out.....rather than a Crane ? ( not connected with listing) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheatstone-English-Concertina-55-Key-Special/273727825478?hash=item3fbb732646:g:oMcAAOSwciNccw44:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P0270S.HTM Time brings all things to my mind....
  5. Sprunghub

    Call and response

    Yes David, that is along the lines of what I think I am looking for. I see it mentioned in some peoples conversations about their playing and I 'thought' I understood what they were getting at, but wasn't entirely sure. . I start off by finding the melody (by ear ) on the right hand, then - to some extent - forced ( or am forcing myself ) to work more with the left hand to play partial chords and octave notes ( even the right one/s occasionally !) with the melody. I am getting there, but it is a bit too "full" sometimes. I am better at copying then adapting to suit than trying to understand some of the theory, so many thanks.
  6. Does anyone know of any simple to pick up examples on video of how 'call and response' applies in playing - hopefully with a Duet - but adaptable to the Duet, if not ? 'Simple' to pick up / follow is important !
  7. Sprunghub

    Gap filling.....

    I have used the Milliput on projects. It is very easy to use - bi-coloured 'sausage' cut off a small length, incorporate outer and inner elements by working like Plasticene - for those who remember Plasticene - which most of us of the pre-Play-dough generation will. Works in well, cleans up well and goes off hard. For ultra strong fixes, including bridging, 'thick' Super-glue and Baking Powder is very good, but probably 'too' strong for a fix like that.
  8. Listed currently - appears to have some wear from use, https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-instruments/marcus-concertina/1328562737
  9. Sprunghub

    Folky Clothing Website

    Gerald Ratner would be proud of the User name of the Marketing Dept. 🤭 😂
  10. Sprunghub

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Dear Dowright, I have sent a query via PM which you may miss ?
  11. Cross referencing this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/C-Wheatstone-Concertina-No-1564-Vintage-Victorian/192800737798?hash=item2ce3d1ca06:g:er4AAOSwN3NcSFFp:rk:7:pf:0 to this http://www.concertina.com/chambers/lachenal-production/ the instrument offered may be one of the earliest examples out there, ie. next production ? That may, or may not add to it's value it looks very tidy ? if original.
  12. In some 1950's Wheatstone's it appears that the chamois is replaced by actual 'top-grain' leather for creating seals. Typical is the Crane Duet in a recent post. This may be as a consequence of a Chamois shortage for a period? Is there a view as to the efficacy or otherwise of using thin leather as opposed to chamois?
  13. Sprunghub

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    Or a No.6 ? if fitted with brass reeds, as stated ? Fully ornamented, but not tempered steel reeded ? for quieter playing but with the looks ? 6. Rosewood-NEWLY IMPROVED, ornamented throughout, silver-tip keys, fine and pure tone, rosewood box ... ... £7 0 0 7. Rosewood-Same finish as No. 4, with tempered steel reeds, rosewood box ... ... £8 0 0 8. THE PARAGON-Rosewood-Extra best finish, German silver keys, tempered steel reeds, which produce a rich, full, round, sonorous, and yet withal most mellow and flute like quality of tone, a combination never hitherto attained, rosewood box ... ... £10 0 0 9. THE INIMITABLE-Rosewood, same finish as No. 6, with tempered steel reeds, rosewood box
  14. Sprunghub

    Joseph Higham labels on EC

    I think, that bearing a label which reads "Manufactured expressly FOR Joseph Higham, Manchester", there is no deceit, actual or implied by the vendor, back in the day. It is far more opaque than many Lachenals that bear labels implying that they belonged to a 'Maker' as opposed to simply a vendor/retailer. It seems to have been was a common practice with ( at least ) many stringed instruments too, but very much so with concertina's. A current Anglo case in point........https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-instruments/anglo-concertina-/1326888756 You have probably found this ref. to his Brass instrument factory and sales. http://manchesterhistory.net/manchester/gone/higham.html I wouldn't take it as read that he manufactured Harmoniums, despite the last reference.