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  1. Sarah plays mainly harp, but also English concertina. Thought that this might be of interest:
  2. Sorry, no concertina; follow the link for a recent picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68514682@N02/6809038779/in/faves-peter-trimming/
  3. Greetings to all participants in the 2012 edition of this illustrious game. I have been trying to monitor the ebb, and flow, of a tight game, and, as always, have been in awe of Samantha's concise commentary. I expect that, by Easter, we will have a winner; unless, of course, there is a major lapse in concentration! Good luck, and may the game be won by a combination of guile and genious. :-)
  4. Too tired to search for it. Either last winter, or the winter before, the video was discussed on C.net. It's probably in the Concertina Videos thread. The video was actually Steeleye Span, with an appearance of John Watcham and the Albion Morris. I recall Alan Day making a witty comment. Happy hunting! Regards, Peter.
  5. According to the 'source' which found: X:6 T:On d'onoren gorda R:Bourrée à 3 temps A:Massif Central O:France M:3/4 Q:1/4=210 K:G G2|ABc2B2|ABc2d2|c4B2|A2G2G2|ABc2B2|ABc2d2|c4B2|A4:| G2|ABc2B2|G2A2B2|G3GF2|G2A2G2|\ABc2B2|G2A2B2|G3GF2|G6:|
  6. Hi Gary, I don't know about a recording, but this video includes a certain Mr. Day on anglo: Maybe Alan could advise whether he knows of a commercial recording, or, perhaps, put up a solo recording on YouTube. :-) Regards, Peter.
  7. If I find that I am suffering from 'tunes in the head', I try to see whether I can work them out on the concertina. Any that work might get added to the repertoire. I don't suffer as badly as I used to, so don't often feel the need nowadays.
  8. Good to see that Peter is still musically active. Hope yesterday's event went well.
  9. Try sitting at a different height, if possible. Many years ago, down at Sidmouth festival, I ended up on a bar stool; so above most of the 'noise'. Perched on the edge of a (covered) pool table was also good.
  10. One of mine nearly suffered a similar fate, back in 1986. Canal trip (Morris team), with an overnight stop at Upton-upon-Severn. Left the session (last!) and the pub landlord very kindly shone a light onto the towpath. After he switched it off, I took a couple of steps and trod between the towpath and our boat. Luckily, I was able to put the concertina on the towpath. The team rescued me, and checked me over for damage. I still suffer hip problems; compounded by injury to the other one in 2008. Still ..... it could have been worse.
  11. Luxury! We used to dream of having a camper van.
  12. Sorry to hear the news, Chris; I've only just caught up with this thread. Regards, Peter.
  13. I've been following, with interest, a parallel thread on Melodeon.net: http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php?action=forum
  14. Ooops! I used to have Will's contact details, so was going from memory. :-( Thanks, Chris.
  15. Nice to see Will Hall on the Maccann Duet.
  16. Not sure whether they are C.net members, but I heard from Maki and Masayoshi Koizumi. Maki says that they are well, and that Yokohama was not badly affected.
  17. Ah; I have it! By Elephant & Castling* with Theydon Bois, I will move up to: London Bridge [* Bear with me; this is a complex rule, used in the Fischer v Spassky encounter (1972) whilst relaxing over a game of MC, during more weighty matters. Elephant & Castle and Theydon Bois stations exchange locations for the duration of the next round, whist assuming the underground links of the new location i.e. Elephant & Castle is now served by only the Central line, and Theydon Bois by the Northern and Bakerloo lines. Any player attempting to pass through either of the affected stations, on an incorrect line, will be in knipp.] Impressive, eh?
  18. I'm currently indisposed*, so will have to pass on this round. Hopefully will recover in time to consider my strategy for the next round. Could Samantha please give us an update on the scores, so I can see how much ground I need to make up. Thanks! [* a condition, not a typo.]
  19. My long-time friend, Ian Munro, currently has this instrument on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190499639039&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ebay.com%3A80%2Fi.html%3F_nkw%3D190499639039%26_in_kw%3D1%26_ex_kw%3D%26_sacat%3DSee-All-Categories%26_okw%3D190499639039%26_oexkw%3D%26_adv%3D1%26_udlo%3D%26_udhi%3D%26_ftrt%3D901%26_ftrv%3D1%26_sabdlo%3D%26_sabdhi%3D%26_samilow%3D%26_samihi%3D%26_sadis%3D200%26_fpos%3DZip%2Bcode%26_fsct%3D%26LH_SALE_CURRENCY%3D0%26_sop%3D12%26_dmd%3D1%26_ipg%3D50%26_fvi%3D1&_rdc=1
  20. Yesterday's day out convinced me that I should play my WWT wild(life) card, and go: Hammersmith
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