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  1. I absolutely love the Pink and Blue books. I have many other tune books of tradFrench, but when I'm hungry and want to go hunting for a new one, I still open up the Pink and the Blue. But I can see where Mel is coming from. If I had compiled it, I would be wishing for a second shot. He's bothered, he says, by mistakes in the transcriptions. I don't think there are any substantive mistakes to be found. He's also bothered because he included some tunes that were written by contemporary folks, thinking they were traditional. I think he was pleased to hand it off to Dave Mallinson. He participated
  2. I agree. If your wondering if you got it right, ask the dancers.
  3. I will be there on Saturday. I'm playing for a bourree workshop at six thirty.
  4. The subtleties of French dance rhythms can be tricky. Chris Ryall made a collection of video field recordings of different dance types at Embraud last year. I've begun posting these: http://accordeonaire.blogspot.com/2014/04/french-dance-field-recordings-part-1.html Thanks Gary
  5. October 18 to 27. http://accordeonaire.blogspot.com/2013/09/breton-music-week.html
  6. How about, "So that must be a concertina!" I play melodeon. But really the best is, "How could you help but be happy."
  7. What's yours? A few days ago I got this: "If that's what they play in France, I'm glad I live here!" http://accordeonaire.blogspot.com/2013/09/best-gig-comment-ever.html
  8. Back twenty years ago when I played keyless wooden flute, I'd welcome the occasional tune that went beyond my instrument. A chance to hit the head, or get another pint!
  9. Jim, that's great and your chording is really nice. Thanks so much ... would you mind my sharing it on the blog??? You wouldn't be the first to suggest it! Dominique's is linked to in my article.
  10. I would bet that that is simply an ABC error. In the Mally Bal Folk book, those are quarter notes. Here's a link to another rendering: http://www.diatojo.com/tablatures/fichiers/cotillon-vert.pdf I think the appropriate correction for the ABC is to change the L for the B part to 1/4 and to leave it in 3/4. [uPDATE: fixed it on the blog] I could be playing it more quickly than I ought ... the French waltz can be brisk. Do you think Sylvain and Dominique's versions don't sound waltz-like?
  11. I've been obsessing about this tune, and actually went looking for a concertina version. Anyone? http://accordeonaire.blogspot.com/2013/07/tribute-le-cotillon-vert.html
  12. Thanks. The first scottish is Scottish a Catenaux.
  13. I've just released a new CD (available for download only at this point available as a physical CD or a download), a collection of tunes from centre France, Bretagne, Alsace, and other places ... including a song written by my great grandfather. Available: http://garychapin.bandcamp.com/ I'll ask for your forbearance in advance -- there's no concertina content. I've had good conversations with some on this list who might be interested. Thanks and apologies!
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