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  1. Not really. I felt I could write arrangements that fit well into the range of a treble without the added weight of a bigger box. It is a bit of a trade-off like many choices.
  2. I just play the standard treble instrument with the addition of a low F.
  3. Thank you. The instrument is a Wheatstone Model 5a treble from 1918, restored by me several years ago including new bellows.
  4. This is a once-through video I made years back but never published. Nevertheless, I thought there might be some interest here in what these rare instruments sound like. Only about 130 were ever made. The instrument has since returned to the UK.
  5. Thanks, Richard. The instrument is a Wheatstone 5A. I restored it a few years ago and made a new set of bellows. It once belonged to a student of Boris Matueswitch in N.Y. Yes, that room has great accoustics.
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