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    Playing english concertina for my own enjoyment and in small group jam sessions. American popular, country and folk music. Listening to traditional Irish and English instrumental music.
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    North Carolina, USA.

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  1. Bob Snope replied that these screws are not threaded into wood but into small leather washers inside the wooden end. Following his instructions I removed the end, found the three washers (loose in there) and put them back on the screws. Then put the end back on and it solved the issue! I think the problem came from my having had the straps too tight, and also lifting and handling the instrument in a way that put excessive strain on the strap.
  2. I didn't abuse the instrument, but I had adjusted the thumb straps rather tightly.
  3. Yes the threads in the screws look good but the wood inside is apparently damaged. Filling the holes and re-screwing sounds like the best approach. Thanks, all.
  4. The screws came loose. Threads stripped. Maker no longer in business. Friend suggested Super Glue Gel but I have not taken any action yet. Does anyone have suggestions? (Fortunately I have another instrument to play in the meantime!) Appreciate your consideration. John C. Photo attached.
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