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  1. As an extra to that, this video has the most views out of all the videos I've uploaded; almost 6k now. I have done nothing to promote it other than posting it here, so I think people are just actively looking. It's definitely a popular song from the game. My rendition of Summon the Megalodon is my second highest viewed, at 1.3k.


    People like Robin Beanland's songs.

  2. Good morning,

    Today I'd like to share an arrangement I made of Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors by Leslie Sarony (1928). The song is a comedy song, featuring lyrics like "An old maid down in Devon, said my idea of heaven, is forty-seven ginger-headed sailors". Was introduced to it by my brother who heard it played in Jeeves and Wooster, and British comedy series from 1990 based on the Jeeves book series, and featuring High Laurie and Stephen Fry. Thought it sounded great, and I wanted to get a rendition going on the ol' squeezebox.

    Like always, I'll attach a copy of the music I arranged, and here is a link to the Musescore page if you prefer that: https://musescore.com/user/37659330/scores/8966315

    Have a good day, 



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  3. Hello everyone. I have a question regarding a concertina, and whether it is an anglo or hayden duet.

    I wanted to play The Palm Leaf Rag after I saw Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne playing for World Concertina Day on Youtube. Blown away by his playing and arrangement, I have recently attempted to transpose his playing to sheet music that I can use. I have linked the video at the bottom of this post, the song starts at 24:28.

    As I was looking at his fingers and bellows directions, and attempting to play the same notes as him, I noticed he has more than 30 buttons. Not a problem, I thought; I've done this dance before, I'll do my best to work around my own concertina's limitations where I can, and get it sounding very similar.

    As I progressed, I noticed that I was finding it difficult to get a similar sound to him, or anything that was comfortable to play. To check it was definitely an Anglo he's playing, I looked up his website (https://cohenbk.com/), and sure enough, it says he is a "masterful player of the Anglo concertina and melodeon."

    I decided to look more into the concertina he is using, and found this image (attached below). It looks to be the same concertina he uses in the video. I looked closer at the buttons to determine how many he had, and I think I counted 24 on the one visible side! I cannot see the other side, but unless it's got 16 or less, either he's running a 41+ button anglo concertina, or he's got something like a hayden duet or similar. EDIT: Forgot to say the dot in blue is where I'm not sure if it's a button or not. I think it is though.


    I don't know enough about concertinas at this stage to determine. Does anyone else know? Hayden Duet, or Big Ol' Anglo, or something else entirely?



  4. Good afternoon everyone,

    I started this arrangement last Friday after arriving home lightly drunk from a work outing, I managed to get the main meoldy sorted by Wednesday, and I have simply been practicing to get a perfect session of it recorded since then XD

    This afternoon, I am happy to say I got a pretty good rendition recorded, and would like to share it with you, along with the music I arranged. Hope you enjoy.




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  5. 5 hours ago, Jeremy S said:

    this is something I've wanted to play but it seemed intimidating.


    It's not too difficult luckily. It gets a bit hairy when it hits bar 39, with the rising tension and lots of sharps suddenly start popping up. The only bar that I could not do was bar 44, which wanted an A# harmony with the C#s. I just substituted with C#s on the harmony instead, sounds fine.


    I noticed in your Gilligan's Island video that you have a couple of Benchys behind on a side table. You also an avid 3D printer?

  6. Still a bit sloppy, but the best recording I managed to get after about 2 weeks of trying. Starts to deteriorate close to the end, when the nerves kick in (I realise I haven't made too many mistakes. The mistake was then focusing on that fact XD).

    Original song is in the key of Cm, I am playing in Am.


    I shared the sheet music in another post in the Tunes/Songs forum, incase anyone is interested: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/24859-looking-for-tab-bosun-bill-sea-of-thieves-anglo/


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  7. 7 hours ago, gtotani said:

    Me too,  play this tune with 30b C/G anglo but I cannot share the sheetmusic, as it is well under copyright protection. 

    I  suggest you buy an easy piano arrangement and play it on your concertina. 




    You're absolutely right about copyright protection, but I have never had any trouble uploading music to Musescore. As long as you link the music to its owner, so that if they want to remove it they can with the press of a button, I've never had any issues.


    Here's a version of the song on Musescore that's been up for 5 years: https://musescore.com/user/16006641/scores/4197961


    I'm not saying you're wrong, cause I know you're very much correct. However it seems that some songs either slip by copyrights, or the copyright owners don't care. Or Musescore is hidden pirate island for sheet music, yarr!

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  8. @charleschar I've seen many of that guys arrangements, and they're always stellar. His Secret of Monkey Island rendition is one of my favourites! Other than the general "oom pah pah" rhythm, I'm no good at thinking up all the kinds of flourishes and playing styles this guy has.

    Looks like he keeps it in the original key. Looking at his left hand, he does reach for those extra notes at a few places; quite a lot during the intro, again at 0:25, 0:29, etc. Not taking into account his right hand, obviously. That's not to say you can't improvise those notes, but his rendition is an amazing starting point to learn from. 

  9. Had a very quick stab at one of the sections of it, have attached a pdf with Gary Coover tablature. Let me know what you think.

    It's really quite difficult to get working, even in the key of C. So many seventh chords! And so many off chord notes, like wanting an E on melody while you want a Dm on harmony; one really wants push while the other really wants pull.

    I think I'm a bit out of my depth helping on this one. It's gonna be a real challenge getting it sounding right on a C/G Anglo.



  10. Evening @cbuja,


    I watched this movie years ago. Shame I missed this tune, it's lovely. From the video's description, he is playing on a Hayden Duet, which would explain the lovely harmony he's getting. Looking at other available sheet music and chords online, the song seems to be in the key of Bb/Gm, which can be quite tricky to play on a (I'm assuming) C/G Anglo with accompanying harmony. Would you be willing the sacrifice the original key for playability?



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