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Looking for tab (Bosun Bill - Sea of Thieves) (Anglo)


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Hello everyone!

I haven't been able to find tabs for Bosun Bill from Sea of Thieves anywhere on the internet, does anyone know of any tabs for this song? I could try sounding it out, but it's difficult for me to accurately piece together the lower harmonies, as they move pretty quickly. Thanks for any help/advice!

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I've been playing with this particular tune off and on for awhile to come up with an arrangement as I'm also not aware of any existing one. I can't quite play it all the way through to the point that I'm happy with it but I think it's potentially workable.


My reference was this arrangement for accordion: https://musescore.com/user/1133871/scores/4947688 and my starting point to get it to fit on a C/G anglo was to transpose from Cm to Am. This makes the chords mostly Am and Dm in the first part with some friendly C's and G's in the second part.


Here's the abc notation for what I have so far. I'm certain this contains errors but I'm mostly using it like a lead sheet while I work out the fingerings.


T:Bosun Bill
C: Robin Beanland
e2 |: "Am" a e | a3/2 e/2 | "Dm" f/2>f/2 (3f/2g/2f/2 | "Am" e3/2 c/2 | "Dm" d/2>d/2 (3d/2e/2d/2 | "Am" c/2>B/2 A/2>_B/2 | "Bdim" B/2>B/2 (3B/2_B/2=B/2 |
"E7" e2 | "Am" a e | a3/2 e/2 | "Dm" (3f/2e/2f/2 g/2>f/2 | "Am" e3/2 c/2 | (3d/2e/2f/2 e/2>d/2| "Dm" (3e/2a/2b/2 c'/2>a/2 | "B/F#" .[^db] "E/D" .[=de] | "Am" a g/2>f/2 |
"C" e e/2>f/2 | g e/2>c/2 | "G" d/2>c/2 B/2>A/2 | "Bdim" G3/2 G/2 | "C" c c/2>d/2 | e c | "G" d3/2 d/4e/4 | d3/2 e/2 | "F" f f/2>g/2 |"C" e c |
"G" d e | "Am" c2 | "G" d3/2 d/4e/4 | "Adim" ^f a | "G" g2- |f3/2 G/2 | "C" e3/2 e/4f/4 | "Am" g e | "C" d2- | "C#m" d2 | "Am" c3/2-c/4d/4 | e c |
"G" B2- | B2 | "F" A A/2>B/2 | c f | "G" e d/2>e/2| "C" c3/2 c/2 | "G" e/2>c/2 G/2>e/2 | d/2>c/2 B/2>d/2 | "C" c2 | "G" B2 :| 



I've also mostly worked out the outro bit and though I haven't noted the timings, here are the notes in a condensed form of Gary Coover's tab system (line above indicates pull, numbers below are left hand, numbers above for right hand):

_              ________________________________                 _    _
                 1     3  3       1a     1    1                    2 4
F    A  G# A    cBc    fe f    e  d#d    B Bb B    G# G G#    E A  e a
4    4a 5a 4a   9 9     10     10   10     5a      5a 5 5a    4 5  


Hope this helps some. I do still hope to polish this into an actual arrangement at some point but who knows when I'll get around to that. If anyone else does know of a completed arrangement, I would also like to know where to find it.

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