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  1. Thank you all for that. When I first started it was a lockdown project for a complete musical tyro. I expected to be playing in the Irish style. A couple of months have passed and my aspirations have changed after hearing some notable role models play and thinking ‘I wish I could play like that’ And, Kathryn, you are one of them... keep posting your work - it keeps us mere mortals going! john
  2. As a complete beginner I also find it hard to get information on how to flesh out the melody with chords and other arrangements (see I am increasingly drawn to the ‘tuneful’ style of playing as exemplified by Jody Kruskal and others which relies on ornamentation to flesh out the melody. When I find a YouTube clip I like I have been trying to copy the arrangement so that I can play it myself. Can anybody enlighten me on the accepted etiquette re ‘borrowing’ other people’s arrangements. I understand that the melody may be copyrighted but is the arrangement copyrighted also?
  3. I am an absolute beginner currently working my way through Gary Coovers excellent book 'Easy Anglo 123' on my 20 button. I am finding that my brain is reading the fingering notation and ignoring the notes on the stave. I worry that I am getting into bad habits particularly when I find that other sources of tunes use different or no fingering notation. I have just discovered ABC and see that as a way of keeping a collection of tunes I like and can perform but its only of use if easyABC will display gary's fingering notation. Is there a way of making it do that or is there a better app to a
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