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    Far too many for my own good and pocket for that matter , thats what comes of being an old retired engineer , fingers in lots of pies , yummy !!
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  1. Seems rather strange that the seller of the above mentioned has two more identical ones listed! Mike
  2. I have just checked my old Wheatstone case and the lock takes a blank key, i also bought a modern spare lock and key somrtime ago and the new key fits both locks HTH Mike
  3. Hammer has fallen at £1.270 so i wonder who got it in the last few seconds?
  4. I noticed it this morning and the zero feedback did make me wonder but having said that its not the only item he has for sale, i can not recollect seeing it before. Mike
  5. I did hear of the case of an antique grand piano some time ago that was imported to the US from the UK that was totally distroyed by the customs officials as they had removed all of the Ivory key faces, thus rendering a valuable antique as virtual scrap. Mike
  6. Here Mike edited to say that was quick its gone already
  7. 0.025" = approx 0.63mm as per my vernier caliper readout and my failing eye sight . Mike
  8. For the last couple of days i have not been able to view any Youtube content, all i get is (Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. ) but Java is the latest version as is the Adobe flash player. I assume this is to do with the royalty issues in the UK. Or possible a bug that wont let jave run properly, so i am at a loss now , so is anyone here in the UK getting the same problem? Mike
  9. This one It looks a nice one , i wonder are the ends a burl Walnut or burl Amboyna? Seller big into hand knitted tea cosy's! Mike
  10. Have a look Here as he is mentioned also a picture of his workshop , he was an Organ maker as far as i can see & also built piano's. Mike
  11. My 9 year old white Cat runs out of the room and looks back in disgust as soon as i place my hand on a tina. My dog's not at all bothered but my son's Cocker Spaniel just sings along loudly, but not in tune though. A quick edit just to say that after quick test with a mouth organ , my dog started singing and the cat has now gone out in the rain . Mike
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