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  1. Hi, Just to chime in, I find Canada Post and USPS much better and cheaper than any of the big three courier companies. They are a bit slower to be sure, but with the courier companies if your not home when they attempt delivery you have to jump through hoops to arrange pick up. With Canada Post they leave a notice in your mail slot and you go to the post office the next day to pick up. I assume it's similar with USPS. All three courier companies have destroyed or lost things for me which has never happened with Canada Post or USPS.
  2. Hello Gregor, Definitely impossible on the Anglo-German system concertina. Simon is using an English (or Wheatstone) system concertina held in an unconventional manner. Probably playable on a duet, but depending on the overlap between the two hands, could be confined to the right hand alone. I don't play duet, but have one at home. Congratulations Simon, Do you think your rather (clears throat) eccentric method of holding the concertina gives you any advantage in playing chromatic passages? I see there are many passages where you can consider enharmonic equivalents but not necessarily in a consistent fashion. I have to admit that what with my antiquated computer system and two strong hearing aids, I don't hear much off the internet and I also never listen to jazz. But I'm very interested in all attempts to push the concertina into foreign idioms. Keep up the great work! All the best, Juris
  3. Given that you have a background in the bayan you owe it to yourself to try an "English" concertina if you're looking for something a little more simple and logical than a 40-button Anglo-German concertina. I'm not trying to be a proselytizer for the English model. For what it's worth I play the English and also have good examples of the Anglo-German and Duet system at home. Bellowing, for me anyway, is an important part of expression when playing the concertina and with an Anglo-German model it is dictated to you by the choice of note. Also, I think the "lay-outs" on chromatic Anglo-German concertinas are variable which can be confusing to a beginner. Personally, I can't make much sense of the Anglo-German system as I have no background in the harmonica or diatonic accordion. I believe the Chinese are manufacturing English models at a reasonable price but maybe these are for export only, but maybe not. I really don't know. Good luck in your concertina endeavors. It's a wonderful instrument.
  4. Hi, I definitely meant the English system as invented by Wheatstone. I understand from the internet that these are now being made in China so perhaps you could find one fairly easily. I didn't realize you had played accordion so if you're coming to the concertina with a background in diatonic accordion or harmonica you might choose to stick with that system. But, yes, the fully chromatic compass and the ability to bellow as one chooses is a great advantage to my way of thinking.
  5. Hi, You might also consider getting an English model as this might be more attuned to Oriental sensibilities.
  6. Hi Julie, Call me at 514-489-2310. I might be of some help. Juris
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