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  1. Yes it is a pain...21% local VAT here in Belgium. I hope for more concertina manufacturer like 7mount in EU...
  2. Thanks Alex, the Phoenix is sent from Ireland so not sure about that VAT unless there somehow a change with Brexit and Ireland but I don't think so...I ordered a Wren (but 2 years ago) and didn't pay any custom tax or VAT; I emailed McNeela a few days ago about this and assure me that I wouldn't pay anything more... But I am still stuck between the 2... Also a shop here in Belgium (Geuns Harry) is working with concertina connection and can probably get the Minstrel without the import duty and all... (waiting for an answer...) Best
  3. Hello, I am back to the concertina world, not completely yet as I am looking for a new (or used) concertina. For my budget, I got the same conclusion, Minstrel or Phoenix. So did you decide ? And because of Brexit, England is less an option to buy a concertina, huge customs tax to Belgium ! And not many shop in Ireland... I have a favor for the Phoenix because of Tipo a Mano reed, but can't find any audio source of a notes by notes... Here's a video of slow playing on the Minstrel, I like it (maybe more on the harsh side than sweet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkE_Prbs0Ow. But don't have any Phoenix comparison, I read it is sweet with Czech reed.... Any though on the Phoenix is super welcome ! Best Nicolas
  4. Hello, I guess the concertina is sold ? Thank you
  5. Hello Kate, I am interested too by your experience with the Phoenix...Do you like it ? Thank you !
  6. After 5 month, I didn't used it much at the end (working on other project) So the sale is open again !
  7. Thank you Wes ! Yes not an easy instrument but a lot of fun when one can play a tune with expression. Indeed, I had some good friends comment about how it sound !
  8. Concertina on hold...by me ? Took it out of the box for fun yesterday and really love the sound, feeling and all. I played it in a room with some echo...a very interesting experience ? Best
  9. Lol thank you for your advice ! But I didn't mention any sound volume problem ha ha. The volume is enough for my need... Besides that, I am selling it because my effort goes to melodeon at the moment... (also far cheaper instrument) But concertina is really fun, feel like the sound is produced by the tip of fingers ? Best !
  10. Nice playing Timv ! You have been very patient with your previous concertina seeing how well you play ? Ha ok I understand...Yes maybe ! Best
  11. Hey thank you TImv giving your impression on the Swan ! By curiosity, is the sound more on the harsh side or warm ? Responsiveness and good balance is already a great point ! Concerning the thread you mention, not sure what you mean by "leather under the metal end", is that an expression ? ? (it's not metal end lol) Best
  12. I am selling my beautiful George Jones 20 buttons in G/C. It took me ages to learn 2 tunes that I can't even play properly and concertina is an expensive instrument so I can't “afford” to keep it. It is a fun instrument but I decide to put all my effort on the melodeon. - Rosewood end - Bushed button - Play well from top to bottom (no reeds are hard to speak) - Airtight/compression is very good - Sweet and warm tone - Steel reeds - Bottom left button of G row is low A - soft case included Please find a video of me playing to have an idea of the sound with smartphone (I didn't try my best ? https://youtu.be/Zjud-sTBbrQ Bought from Chris Algar (Barleycorn) a few month ago for 650 euros, looking for 550 euros (sent from Belgium). He said it is a nice one. Best Nicolas
  13. Hello, I just bought this concertina from Sunbeamer (great person to deal with). Bought it out of curiosity as my first quality Hybrid ! But I prefer the sound of those vintage concertina (I have a super sweet sounding Jones). So no problem at all with this concertina, just doesn't fit my needs (the search is endless ?) Letting it go for £950 + shipping (bargain ?) Travel concertina, great for practice when you’re away or just a good basic instrument for day to day use. its small (5”) but plays just like a normal size anglo , the extra button C#/ Eb makes a massive difference to the normal 20 button Anglo. 7 fold bellows + recently tuned & serviced by Marcus . In tune , in good condition , sweetheart concertina, with Marcus travel bag check the Marcus music web site for more info. Pictures and record in attachment. best Marcus 1.mp3 Marcus 2.mp3
  14. Wow nice !! After a few weeks, it's crazy (nice version of Monk's March) we can feel you have fun playing this tune. Really enjoying this, keep them coming ? Nicolas
  15. Thanks Wolf, great idea in the future ! (For my current problem, I know the reed is intact). I'll keep this idea in my archive ! Best
  16. I have the exact same problem but A drawn (not a Ceili) just about one week ago. I have told by seller (Algar) the reason could be humidity (like Noel Ways said). But I am still looking for a solution ! In my case, reed and reed frame is good so it is probably reed frame placement or valve (like Frank Edgley said) or... I am a total newbie in maintenance and I find it so complex to find the reason... Nicolas
  17. As a beginner view, yes that's what I meant ! Keeping finger on the low A and playing other notes around, and the G on push, lot's of fun.
  18. Totally agree with low A :-) And can be used as a fun drone note
  19. I guess no catch...I am thinking about it but definitively waiting for a sale.
  20. Tiposx, have you consider the mcneela New Swan concertina ? I started a thread here Best
  21. Hello ! There is this thread about mcneelamusic Phoenix concertina but what about the "New Swan concertina" ? Does anybody can give his/her impression ? Here is a Link The description say "Produces a strong, clear & bright tone" and a reviewer say "Lovely concertina, has a very sweet sound" lol It does sound kind of sweet, which is good. Thank you, Nicolas
  22. Hello Tiposx, you can find my initial impression of the Wren 2 here : https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/19805-buying-advice-under-50000/&tab=comments#comment-185246 I was really going for the Phoenix lately but as I couldn't find any more information/reviews, I gave up. And find out that for the price of a 3 rows (in general), I could buy two vintage 20b lol or a 20b and 26b... The third row is very expensive !! Best !
  23. Hello Terence, I subscribe to both of them (not at the same time ? ). There are nice tune on both side and no overlap. IrishConcertinaLessons is a newborn site and have only access to beginner part, where you’ll learn fingering for each tune (which is great) and eventually an alternative. I personally really like the tune “Fig for a kiss”. The down side is that she does not teach ornamentation at all in beginner section (I think an advance beginner could already start basic ornamentation or double note to emphasis the tune), that was the biggest disappointment for me but no big deal. OAIM: You have access to beginner and intermediate, both have lessons going on (and from various teacher) and ornamentation. I don't feel that it is less modern ? (also have mp3, pdf and video). At the end both are great, I probably should have wait for the intermediate lessons next year in IrishConcertinaLessons.com. Best
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